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The 1998 Commonwealth Fund Survey of Womens Health is a leading source of population-based information on the ways that U.S. womens circumstances, roles and responsibilities influence their health. In the latest issue of Women's Health Issues (vol. 11, no. 3) published by the Jacobs Institute of Women's Health, new analysis of data from this landmark survey are published for the first time. Several of the nations leading experts explores the survey results in depth, looking at issues such as access to health care, the influence of income on womens health, women as caregivers, patient-physician communication, and much more. Contents include:
  • Women's voices, women's experiences-taking the time to listen, Marilyn Falik, PhD, et al.
  • Women's health issues across the lifespan, Roberta Wyn, PhD, et al.
  • The influence of income, education, and work status on women's well being, Holly Mead, MPP, et al.
  • Motherhood, health status, and health care, Amy B. Bernstein, ScD
  • Caregiving: challenges and implications for women's health, Karen Donelan, ScD, et al.
  • Managed care and women's health: access, preventive services, and satisfaction, Carol S. Weisman, PhD, et al.
  • Midlife women making hormone therapy decisions, Aileen MacLaren, CNM, PhD, et al.
  • Psychological distress, unmet need, and barriers to mental health care for women, Cathy Donald Sherbourne, PhD, et al.
  • Prevalence of violence and its implications for women's health, Stacey B. Plichta, ScD, et al.

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