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m_romans01.JPG (10888 bytes)Tapes are $15.00 each ($12.00 for members) plus $3.50 shipping and handling. Each tape includes a 45 or 90 minute presentation plus a question and answer session.  Click to go to order form.

  • Quality in Women's Health:   Taking the Measure of Managed Care
  • Designer Estrogens - What is there role in Women's Health?
  • Neither Prevention Nor Cure:   Managed Care for Women with Chonic Conditions
  • Managed Care and Unintended Pregnancy
  • Health Plans and Purchasers
  • Women's Primary Care and Managed Care
  • Women's Health & Managed Care: Players in the Marketplace
  • Advances in Pap Smear Screening Technology
  • Healthy Approaches to Menopause
  • Living Well Despite Chronic Illness or Disability
  • Physical Activity, Exercise & Women's Health
  • The Women's Health Initiative: Lessons Learned to Date
  • Genetic Research and Women's Health: Examining the Scientific, Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues
  • The US Public Health Service: Shaping the Future of Women's Health
  • The Future of Women's Health: What to Expect
  • Anorexia, Bulimia, and Obesity: Exploring Society's Influence on Eating Disorders
  • Lesbian Health Issues: What is Different?
  • Can Women Negotiate Safe Sex?
  • The Influence of Race and Culture on Women's Health
  • Violence Against Women and Clinical Intervention
  • Myth vs. Reality: Women and Coronary Risk
  • Women's Mental Health: An Overview