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Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health
409 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20024-2188
Phone: (202) 863-4990
Fax: (202) 488-4229


Events > Briefing Seminars

Breakfast Seminars

Each year the Jacobs Institute holds a breakfast seminar series intended to highlight emerging issues in women's health.  Past seminar topics have included dietary supplements, heart disease, and women and exercise. 

A comprehensive list of the Jacobs Institute Breakfast Seminar Series is as follows:

Plant-Made Pharmaceuticals: Are They Good for your Health?
May 18, 2004

Preventing Heart Disease in Women:  An Agenda for Change
September 9, 2003

Undiagnosed and Undertreated: Depression During and After Pregnancy
October 9, 2002

Listening to Women’s Voices: Further Findings and Policy Implications from the Commonwealth Fund’s Survey on Women’s Health
June 6, 2001

The Untold Story: Women and Heart Disease
March 28, 2001
Speakers:  Sharonne Hayes, MD, Director, Women’s Heart Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota;  Virgie Harris-Bouvelle, MSW, LICSW, Downtown Mental Health Associates, Washington, DC;  Congresswoman Julia Carson, D-IN

Herbs, Blurbs – Naturally We’re Confused! Straight Talk About Women and Dietary Supplements
January 23, 2001

The Pleasure Principle: Women, Exercise and Motivation
December 12, 2000

Women’s Health Quality Measures for Managed Care:  What Do They Tell Us and Do Employers Listen?
June 21, 2000

Help Just Out of Reach? New Medicines for Women and Barriers to Access
May 17, 2000

State Profiles in Women's Health
December 1999

Designer Estrogens: What is Their Role in Women's Health?
June 25, 1998

Cancer, Genetics and Women's Health
March 26, 1998

The Women’s Health Initiative: Lessons Learned to Date

Women’s Health and Genetics Research
October 3, 1995
Speakers: Francis Collins, MD, Director, National Center for Human Genome Research; Karen Rothenberg, JD, Special Assistant to the Director of the NIH Office on Research on Women's Health; Mary Jo Ellis Kahn, President, Virginia Breast Cancer Coalition

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