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State Profiles in Women’s Health

December 1999


The Jacobs Institute used this seminar as an opportunity to discuss women’s health trends in the states. For instance, as women continue to live longer, more issues arise that must be addressed. And while states are committed to developing policy, without allocating new funding for the programs, the programs will be of limited usefulness. Furthermore, while many states offer services for women’s reproductive health, breast cancer and cervical cancer, many states lack awareness of other women’s health issues.


The seminar spotlighted the Jacobs Institute publication, State Profiles in Women’s Health, which publishes data on various women’s health issues by state. It is available for purchase here.



Jacqueline Horton, PhD, Senior Epidemiologist, Westat;

Jane Henneberry, Program Director for Maternal and Child Health, Center for Best Practices, NGA;

Molly Staufer, Program Principal for the Health Policy Tracking Service, NCSL

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