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Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health
409 12th Street, SW
Washington, DC 20024-2188
Phone: (202) 863-4990
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Putting Prevention into Primary Care: The Prevention of Heart Disease in Women December 5, 2002
Margaret E. Mahoney Annual Symposium
Health Disparities Among Women of Color
Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health and The Commonwealth Fund

April 16, 2002

Margaret E. Mahoney, Annual Symposium
Quality Health Care for Women in the U.S. and U.K
September 21-22, 2000
Women and Medicare:  Agenda for Change September 16, 1999 
Value Purchasing: Investing in Women’s Health 1999
 National Summit on Women’s Health and Managed Care 1999 
Quality in Women’s Health: Taking Measure of Managed Care July 23, 1998
Neither Prevention Nor Cure:  Managed Care for Women with Chronic Conditions May 28, 1998
Medicaid Managed Care:  The Challenge of Providing Care to Low-Income Women February 19, 1998
Managed Care and Women’s Mental Health:  A Focus on Depression December 5, 1997
Confronting STDS: A Challenge for Managed Care October 29, 1997
Managed Care and Unintended Pregnancy:  Testing the Limits of Prevention July 30, 1997
Women's Health and Managed Care in California: A Laboratory for the Nation April 25, June 25, September 9, October 9, 1997
Health Plans and Purchasers:  Managing Women’s Primary Care June 4, 1997 
Women’s Primary Care in Managed Care February 7, 1997

Adolescent Girls’ Health and Self-Esteem

Impact of Early Training of Premenarchal and Early Menarchal Athlete (co-sponsored by the US Olympic Committee and ACOG) 1994

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