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Our Heart Report is here!

The July/August issue of Women's Health Issues published the findings and recommendations from our December 2002 "Women and Heart Disease: Putting Prevention into Pimary Care" conference. This report was presented at a Congressional Briefing on September 9, 2003, "Preventing Heart Disease in Women: An Agenda for Change".

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Volume 12 Number 2 (March/April 2002)

Thinking about women's health: the case for gender sensitivity
Amal J. Khoury, PhD, MPH and Carol S. Weisman, PhD
pp 61-65

Outreach: targeting high-risk women through community partnerships
Kathlyn Barry, MA and David W. Britt, PhD
pp 66-78

Contraceptive counseling in managed care: preventing unintended pregnancy in adults
Carol S. Weisman, PhD, Deidre Spicer Maccannon, MD, MMgmt, Jillian T. Henderson, MPH, Emily Shortridge and Camille L. Orso
pp 79-95

Preventive health services use, lifestyle health behavior risks, and self-reported health status of women in Ohio by ethnicity and completed education status
Martin MacDowell, DrPH, Lin Guo, PhD and Amy Short, BS
pp 96-102

The delivery of medical abortion services: the views of experienced providers
Linda J. Beckman, PhD, S. Marie Harvey, DrPH and Sarah J. Satre, MA
pp 103-112

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