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Our Heart Report is here!

The July/August issue of Women's Health Issues published the findings and recommendations from our December 2002 "Women and Heart Disease: Putting Prevention into Pimary Care" conference. This report was presented at a Congressional Briefing on September 9, 2003, "Preventing Heart Disease in Women: An Agenda for Change".

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Volume 12 Number 4 (July/August 2002)

Healthy people 2010—leading health indicators for women
Deborah R. Maiese, MPA
pp 155-164

Trends in women's health services by type of physician seen: data from the 1985 and 1997–98 NAMCS
Sarah Hudson Scholle, DrPH, Judy C. Chang, MD, Jeffrey Harman, PhD, and Melissa McNeil, MD, MPH
pp 165-177

Optimal health and well-being for women: definitions and strategies derived from focus groups of women
Shelley Kasle, MS, Mari S. Wilhelm, PhD, and Kathryn L. Reed, MD
pp 178-190

The mismatch between urban women's preferences for and experiences with primary care
Ann S. O'Malley, MD, MPH and Christopher B. Forrest, MD, PhD
pp 191-203

Are women worrying about heart disease?
Mimi Sen Biswas, MD, Patrick S. Calhoun, PhD, Hayden B. Bosworth, PhD and Lori A. Bastian, MD, MPH
pp 204-211

Menopausal experiences and hormone replacement therapy use among women with physical impairments
Heather Becker, PhD, Alexa K. Stuifbergen FAAN, RN, PhD and Dorothy Gordon FAAN, RN, DNSc
pp 212-219

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