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Our Heart Report is here!

The July/August issue of Women's Health Issues published the findings and recommendations from our December 2002 "Women and Heart Disease: Putting Prevention into Pimary Care" conference. This report was presented at a Congressional Briefing on September 9, 2003, "Preventing Heart Disease in Women: An Agenda for Change".

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Volume 13, Number 5 (September/October 2003)

Quality of Care Among Disadvantaged Women: Adding Income Level to Health Datasets
Roger T. Anderson, PhD
pp 177-179

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening for Women Between 50 adn 69 Years of Age: What Prompts Women to Screen?
Baujke (Bo) Miedema, PhD; Sue Tatemichi, MD, CCFP
pp 180-184

Who Continues Using the Diaphragm and Who Doesn't: Implications for the Acceptability of Female-Controlled HIV Prevention Methods
S. Marie Harvey, DrPH, MPH; Sheryl Thorburn Bird, PhD, MPH; Julie E. Maher, PhD; Linda J. Beckman, PhD
pp 185-193

In Their Own Voices: Definitions and Interpretations of Physical Activity
Catrine Tudor-Locke, PhD; Karla A. Henderson, PhD; Sara Wilcox, PhD; Rhonda S. Cooper, MS(C); J. Larry Durstine, PhD; Barbara E. Ainsworth, PhD
pp 194-199

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