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Volume 12 Number 1 (January/February 2002)

Pregnant women deserve informed consent too
J.S. Gonen
pp 1-3

M.C. Romans
pp 4

Provider evaluation of a multifaceted system of care to improve recognition and management of pregnant women experiencing domestic violence
M.J. Zachary, C.B. Schechter, M.L. Kaplan, M.N. Mulvihill
pp 5-15

Depression and negative life events among pregnant African-American and Hispanic women
L.H. Zayas, M. Cunningham, M.D. McKee, K.R.B. Jankowski
pp 16-22

Drug testing welfare recipients-false positives, false negatives, unanticipated opportunities
H.A. Pollack, S. Danziger, R. Jayakody, K.S. Seefeldt
pp 23-31

Screening and treatment of anxiety disorders in pregnant and lactating women
R.B. Weisberg, J.A. Paquette
pp 32-36

Long-Term health consequences of delayed childbirth: NHANES III
A.A. Alonzo
pp 37-45

Performance indicators in women's health: incorporating women's health in the health plan employer data and information set (HEDIS)
E.D. McKinley, J.W. Thompson, J. Briefer-French, L.S. Wilcox, C.S. Weisman, W.C. Andrews
pp 46-58

Volume 12 Number 2 (March/April 2002)

Thinking about women's health: the case for gender sensitivity
A.J. Khoury, C.S. Weisman
pp 61-65

Outreach: targeting high-risk women through community partnerships
K. Barry, D.W. Britt
pp 66-78

Contraceptive counseling in managed care: preventing unintended pregnancy in adults
C.S. Weisman, D.S. Maccannon, J.T. Henderson, E. Shortridge, C.L. Orso
pp 79-95

Preventive health services use, lifestyle health behavior risks, and self-reported health status of women in Ohio by ethnicity and completed education status
M. MacDowell, L. Guo, A. Short
pp 96-102

The delivery of medical abortion services: the views of experienced providers
L.J. Beckman, S.M. Harvey, S.J. Satre
pp 103-112

Volume 12 Number 3 (May/June 2002)

Integrating social and biological research to improve men's and women's health
C.E. Bird, P.P. Rieker
pp 113-115

What's to know about study recruitment? We asked recruiters
B.A. Brown, H.L. Long, N. Milliken
pp 116-121

Breast and cervical cancer screening in Hispanic women: a literature review using the health belief model
L.T. Austin, F. Ahmad, M.-J. McNally, D.E. Stewart
pp 122-128

Access to preventive health care: is method of payment a barrier for immigrant Hispanic women?
M.E. Jones, C.L. Cason, M.L. Bond
pp 129-137

Are two doctors better than one? Women's physician use and appropriate care
J.T. Henderson, C.S. Weisman, H. Grason
pp 138-149

Before Amelia - women pilots in the early days of aviation
E.F. Lebow
pp 150-154

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