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Volume 11 Number 1 (January/February 2001)

A conference on setting the agenda for rural women's health
Joanna M. Cain
pp 1

Bridging rural women's health into the new millennium
Graham B. Spanier
pp 2-6

100% access and 0 health disparities: changing the health paradigm for rural women in the 21st century
Marilyn Hughes Gaston
pp 7-16

Panel 1: framing issues in rural women's health issues speaker 1
Joanna M. Cain
pp 17-21

Panel 1. Speaker 2
Ruth Allen
pp 22-25

Panel 1. Speaker 3
Angeline Bushy
pp 26-29

Connecting the dots: policy, partnerships, and public health
Gail Bellamy
pp 30-34

Panel 2: finding solutions through partnerships, education, and technology. Speaker 1
Mark Erstling
pp 35-39

Panel 2. Speaker 2
Anna Mae Kobbe
pp 40-42

Panel 2. Speaker 3
Hilda Heady
pp 43-45

Panel 3: rural diversity-focus on reproductive issues. Speaker 1
J. Chris Carey
pp 46-49

Panel 3. Speaker 2
Mary Harper
pp 50-55

Wanda K. Jones
pp 56-60

Volume 11 Number 2 (March/April 2001)

BRCA1screening in a woman with breast cancer: a patient's perspective with commentary
John Robertson, Cynthia Levinson, Mary Mahowald, Ann Walker
pp 63-72

Abortion in adolescence: a four-country comparison
Patricia Welsh, Maureen McCarthy, Barbara Cromer
pp 73-79

Bringing emergency contraception to American women: the history and remaining challenges
Francine Coeytaux, Barbara Pillsbury
pp 80-86

Improved use of contraceptives, attitudes toward pornography, and sexual harassment among female university students
Tanja Tydén, Sven-Eric Olsson, Elisabet Häggström-Nordin
pp 87-94

Effects of SERMs on important indicators of cardiovascular health: lipoproteins, hemostatic factors, and endothelial function
David M. Herrington, Karen Potvin Klein
pp 95-102

Cigarette smoking in veteran women: the impact of job strain
Lori A. Bastian, Susanna S. Owens, Hyonah Kim, Linda R. Barnett, Ilene C. Siegler
pp 103-109

Mammography-related anxiety: effect of preprocedural patient education
Martha B. Mainiero, Barbara Schepps, Nancy C. Clements, Chloe E. Bird
pp 110-115

Partner violence: implications for health and community settings
Ruth Petersen, Julie Gazmararian, Kathryn Andersen Clark
pp 116-125

Improving the accuracy of identifying lesbians for telephone surveys about health
Judith Bradford, Jocelyn White, Julie Honnold, Caitlin Ryan, Esther Rothblum
pp 126-137

Planning a successful women's health and wellness conference in your community
Lana Molczyk, JoAnn Eickhoff-Shemek, Jayme Nekuda, Teri Erickson, Kathie Deja
pp 138-142

Volume 11 Number 3 (May/June 2001)

Selected Papers from the Commonwealth Fund 1998 Survey of Women’s Health

Editorial: Women's voices, women's experiences-taking the time to listen
Marilyn Falik, Karen Scott Collins
pp 143-147

Women's health issues across the lifespan
Roberta Wyn, Beatriz Solis
pp 148-159

The influence of income, education, and work status on women's well being
Holly Mead, Kristine Witkowski, Barbara Gault, Heidi Hartmann
pp 160-172

Motherhood, health status, and health care
Amy B. Bernstein
pp 173-184

Caregiving: challenges and implications for women's health
Karen Donelan, Marilyn Falik, Catherine M. DesRoches
pp 185-200

Managed care and women's health: access, preventive services, and satisfaction
Carol S. Weisman, Jillian T. Henderson
pp 201-215

Midlife women making hormone therapy decisions
Aileen MacLaren, Nancy Fugate Woods
pp 216-230

Psychological distress, unmet need, and barriers to mental health care for women
Cathy Donald Sherbourne, Megan Dwight-Johnson, Ruth Klap
pp 231-243

Prevalence of violence and its implications for women's health
Stacey B. Plichta, Marilyn Falik
pp 244-258

Volume 11 Number 4 (July/August 2001)

Editor's note
Warren H. Pearse, M.D., Editor
pp 259

Martha C. Romans, Karen Scott Collins
pp 260

An overview of women's health issues in the United States and United Kingdom
Emily Schifrin
pp 261-281

National Perspective: United States
Margaret A. Hamburg
pp 282-292

National perspective: United Kingdom
Dame Deirdre Hine
pp 293-299

Women's primary health care and the search for quality
Presenters: Karen J. Carlson, John M. Grant
Commentators: Karen Ignagni, Joyce C. Lashof, Julietta Patnick, Joan Austoker
pp 300-318

Patient-centered decision making: empowering women to make informed choices-. Experience in the United States
Presenters: Elizabeth A. Mort, Angela Coulter
Commentators: Maureen T. Connelly, Cindy Pearson, Dame Rennie Fritchie, Pamela Warner
pp 319-344

Improving access and quality for ethnic minority women
Presenters: Sharon Barrett, Veena Bahl
Commentators: Ruth E. Zambrana, Sylvia Drew Ivie, Ziggi Alexander, Elizabeth N. Anionwu
pp 345-369

Domestic violence as a women's health issue
Presenters: Robert E. McAfee, Iona Heath
Commentators: Jacquelyn Campbell, Terri Pease, Peta Sissons, Lesley Welch
pp 370-395

Volume 11 Number 5 (September/October 2001)

Counseling to prevent unintended pregnancies: measuring its value
David A. Grimes, Maria F. Gallo
pp 397-400

Gender and patient satisfaction in managed care plans: analysis of the 1999 HEDIS/CAHPS 2.0H adult survey
Carol S. Weisman, Jillian T. Henderson, Emily Schifrin, Martha Romans, Carolyn M. Clancy
pp 401-415

Socioeconomic status, depression, and health service utilization among adolescent women
Elizabeth Goodman, Bin Huan
pp 416-426

How contraceptive use patterns differ by pregnancy intention: implications for counseling
Ruth Petersen, Julie A. Gazmararian, Kathryn A. Clark, Diane C. Green
pp 427-435

Universal screening for domestic violence in abortion
Ellen R. Wiebe, Patricia Janssen
pp 436-441

Family planning choices and some characteristics of coitus interruptus users in Gemlik, Turkey
Necla T. Aytekin, Kayihan Pala, Emel Irgil, Hamdi Aytekin
pp 442-447

Emergency contraception: knowledge and attitudes of health care providers in a health maintenance organization
Christy A. Sherman, S. Marie Harvey, Linda J. Beckman, Diana B. Petitti
pp 448-457

Letter to the editor
Claire Surr
pp 458

Volume 11 Number 6 (November/December 2001)

Impact of managed care on obstetrician-gynecologists' practice: the providers' perspective
Emily Schifrin, Amy E. Jacobs, Martha Romans, David Cruess, Rebecca Kelly
pp 461-470

The association between physical activity and quality of life in older women
Kelli F. Koltyn
pp 471-480

The role of the psychologist in the evaluation and treatment of infertility
Katherin Kainz
pp 481-485

Prevalence of CVD risk factors and impact of a two-year education program for premenopausal women
Stacy L. Miller, Robert J. Reber, Karen Chapman-Novakofski
pp 486-493

Functional limitations in women at midlife: the role of health conditions, behavioral and environmental factors
Sandra K. Pope, MaryFran Sowers, Gavin W. Welch, Gary Albrecht
pp 494-502


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