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Volume 10 Number 1 (January/February 2000)

Women's satisfaction with primary care: a new measurement effort from the PHS national centers of excellence in women's health
Sarah Hudson Scholle, Carol S. Weisman, Roger Anderson, Tracy Weitz, Karen M. Freund, JoAnn Binko
pp 1-9

An HMO survey on mass customization of healthcare delivery for women
Mark Thompson, Rhoda Nussbaum
pp 10-19

Chinese women: behaviors and attitudes toward breast cancer education and screening
Georgia Robins Sadler, Karen Wang, Michele Wang, Celine Marie Ko
pp 20-26

Childhood sexual abuse and preterm labor in adulthood: an endocrinological hypothesis
Deborah L. Horan, Lauren D. Hill, Jay Schulkin
pp 27-33

Editor’s Note
Warren H. Pearse
pp 34

The Commonwealth Fund 1998 Survey of Women's Health
The Commonwealth Fund
pp 35-38

Volume 10 Number 2 (March/April 2000)

Martha C. Romans
pp 41

Older women's health and access to care
Dorothy P. Rice
pp 42-46

Medicare and drug coverage: a women's health issue
Jan Blustein
pp 47-53

Discussion of papers by Karen Scott Collins and Jan Blustein
Judith Feder
pp 54-56

Discussion of papers by Karen Scott Collins and Jan Blustein
Deborah Briceland-Betts
pp 57-58

Making capitated Medicare work for women: policy and research challenges
Arlene S. Bierman, Carolyn M. Clancy
pp 59-69

Sex differences in assessments of the quality of Medicare Managed Care
Paul D. Cleary, Alan M. Zaslavsky, Matthew Cioffi
pp 70-79

Discussion of papers by Paul Cleary and Arlene Bierman
Trudy Lieberman
pp 80-82

Summary Remarks
Joan Leiman
pp 83-85

Keynote Address
Wanda K. Jones
pp 86-89

Volume 10 Number 3 (May/June 2000)

Martha C. Romans
pp 91

Looking back, looking forward: the legacy of the National Advisory Board on Ethics in Reproduction (NABER)
Andrea L. Kalfoglou
pp 92-104

The politics and ethics of human embryo and stem cell research
Kenneth J. Ryan
pp 105-110

Ethics, politics, and human embryo stem cell research
Ruth Macklin
pp 111-115

Embryonic stem cells and the bigger reprogenetic picture
Erik Parens
pp 116-120

Use of "excess" human embryos for stem cell research: protecting women's rights and health
Cynthia B. Cohen
pp 121-126

What does "respect for embryos" mean in the context of stem cell research?
Bonnie Steinbock
pp 127-130

Social ethics of embryo and stem cell research
Lisa Sowle Cahill
pp 131-135

The ethical challenge of stem cell research
Patricia A. Roche, Michael A. Grodin
pp 136-139

Our cells/ourselves: creating human embryos for stem cell research
Françoise Baylis
pp 140-145

Ethics and politics of embryo and stem cell research: reinscribing the abortion debate
Lisa H. Harris
pp 146-151

Making babies in the 21st century: new strategies, old dilemmas
Nancy King Reame
pp 152-159

Volume 10 Number 4 (July/August 2000)

Desperately seeking synergy: the journey to systems integration of women's health services
Paula A. Walowitz, Bonnie Connors Jellen, Kathleen Hanold, George F. Lee, Ann L. Ropp, Vicki A. Lucas
pp 161-177

Quality and outcomes of care for older women with chronic disease
Carolyn M. Clancy, Arlene S. Bierman
pp 178-191

Outcome assessment in women's mental health
Barbara Dickey
pp 192-201

Women's health problems in soap operas: a content analysis
Teresa L. Thompson, James D. Robinson, Louis P. Cusella, Sheila Shellabarger
pp 202-209

Knowledge and preference for breast conservation therapy among women without breast cancer
DeAnn Lazovich, Kristin K. Raab, James G. Gurney, Hegang Chen
pp 210-216

Volume 10 Number 5 (September/October 2000)

Multidisciplinary women's health care and quality of care
Karen J. Carlson
pp 219-225

Navigating conflict of interest in oocyte donation: an analysis of donors' experiences
Andrea L. Kalfoglou, Gail Geller
pp 226-239

A competency based approach to comprehensive pregnancy care
Timothy R.B. Johnson, Mary Ann Zettelmaier, Patricia A. Warner,
Robert H. Hayashi, Michal Avni, Barbara Luke
pp 240-247

Women's health centers: are the National Centers of Excellence in Women's Health a new model?
Carol S. Weisman, Gayle L. Squires
pp 248-255

An intersection of women's and perinatal health: the role of chronic conditions
Dawn P. Misra, Holly Grason, Carol Weisman
pp 256-267

Gender impacts on health insurance coverage: findings for unmarried full-time employees
Diane M. Dewar
pp 268-277

The relationship between self-rated health and health care service use among women veterans in a primary care clinic
Hayden B. Bosworth, Marian I. Butterfield, Karen M. Stechuchak,
Lori A. Bastian
pp 278-285

Psychosocial problems among women cohabiting with heavy snoring men
Jan Ulfberg, Birgitta Nystrom
pp 286

Volume 10 Number 6 (November/December 2000)

Primary prevention of violence against women
Ilene Hyman, Sepali Guruge, Donna E. Stewart, Farah Ahmad
pp 288-293

Reexamining preventive health standards for women in a new century: successful screening strategies of one community-based health center
Beth Roberts Kotarski
pp 294-299

Osteoporosis and African-American women
Cathy R. Kessenich
pp 300-304

Preventive health services received by minority women aged 45-64 and the goals of healthy people 2000
Ruth C. Fretts, Gladys Rodman, Yvonne Gomez-Carrion, Roger Goldberg, Benjamin P. Sachs, Evan Myers, Bruce Kessel
pp 305-311

Emergency contraception and the ethics of discussing it prior to the emergency
Bridgit S. Bell, Mary B. Mahowald
pp 312-316

Delivery of primary care services among family planning centers: a response to managed care?
Virginia H. Poole, Carol S. Weisman
pp 317-326

Time lost from work among women choosing medical or surgical abortions
Ellen R. Wiebe, Patricia Janssen
pp 327-332

Military women's perspectives on health care during deployment
Nancy A. Ryan-Wenger, Nancy K. Lowe
pp 333-343

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