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Volume 9 Number 1 (January/February 1999)

Seventh Jacobs Institute Symposium on Women's Health and Managed Care: Neither Prevention Nor Cure: Managed Care for Women with Chronic Conditions

Editorís Note
Warren H. Pearse
pp 1

Women's Health, Chronic Disease, and Disease Management: New Worlds and Old Music?
Arlene S. Bierman, Carolyn M. Clancy
pp 2-17

Chronic Disease, Women's Health, and "Disease Management": The Latest Trend?
Felicia Gevirtz, Robert R. Corrato, Peter Chodoff, David B. Nash
pp 18-29

Panel Discussion
Julianna S. Gonen
pp 30-41

Strategies for Follow-Up and Treatment Services in State Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Programs
Paula M. Lantz, Lisa C. Richardson, Debra J. Macklem, Lisa R. Shugarman, Donna B. Knutson, Lowell E. Server
pp 42-49

Self-Esteem Differences as a Function of Race and Weight Preoccupation: Findings and Implications
Stacy L. Jones, Michael A. Moulton, Patrice Moulton, Scott Roach
pp 50-55

Correlates of Condom Coupon Redemption Among Urban Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic Patients
Susan Witte, Nabila El-Bassel, Satya Krishnan, Robert Schilling, Balmatee Bidassie
pp 56-64

Volume 9 Number 2 (March/April 1999)

Eighth Jacobs Institute Symposium on Women's Health and Managed Care: Quality in Women's Health: Taking the Measure of Managed Care

Quality of Care for Women: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Headed? Elizabeth A. McGlynn
pp 65-80

Women's Perceptions of Medicaid Managed Care
Patricia J. Venus, Regina Levin, Thomas S. Rector
pp 81-92

Panel Discussion
Julianna S. Gonen
pp 93-106

The Vulnerable Transition: Puberty and the Development of Eating Pathology and Negative Mood
Julie A. Graber, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Michelle P. Warren
pp 107-114

Gynecologic Health Consequences of Interpersonal Violence
Elizabeth J. Letourneau, Melisa Holmes, Jennifer Chasedunn-Roark
pp 115-120

Volume 9 Number 2 (Supplement) (March/April 1999)

Carol S. Weisman
pp 1S

Project Information
pp 3S-4S

Women's Primary Care in Managed Care: Clinical and Provider Issues
Julianna S. Gonen
pp 5S-14S

Health Plans and Purchasers: Managing Women's Primary Care
Julianna S. Gonen
pp 15S-25S

Managed Care and Unintended Pregnancy: Testing the Limits of Prevention
Julianna S. Gonen
pp 26S-35S

Confronting STD's: A Challenge for Managed Care
Julianna S. Gonen
pp 36S-46S

Managed Care and Women's Mental Health: A Focus on Depression
Julianna S. Gonen
pp 47S-56S

Medicaid Managed Care: The Challenge of Providing Care to Low-Income Women
Julianna S. Gonen
pp 57S-67S

Neither Prevention nor Cure: Managed Care for Women with Chronic Conditions
Julianna S. Gonen
pp 68S-78S

Quality in Women's Health: Taking the Measure of Managed Care
Julianna S. Gonen
pp 79S-88S

Volume 9 Number 3 (May/June 1999)

The Implications of Affiliations Between Catholic and Non-Catholic Health Care Organizations for Availability of Reproductive Health Services
Carol S. Weisman, Amal J. Khoury, Christopher Cassirer, Virginia A. Sharpe, Laura L. Morlock
pp 121-134

Assessing Physical Activity Among Minority Women: Focus Group Results
Susan R. Tortolero, Louise C. Masse, Janet E. Fulton, Isabel Torres, Harold W. Kohl
pp 135-142

Medical Versus Surgical Abortion: A Survey of Knowledge and Attitudes Among Abortion Clinic Patients
Katherine S. Virgo, T.R. Carr, Allison Hile, John M. Virgo, George M. Sullivan, Jack G. Kaikati
pp 143-154

Effects of an Intensive Diet and Exercise Program on Lipids in Postmenopausal Women
R. James Barnard, Stephen B. Inkeles
pp 155-161

Penn Health for Women: The Evolution of a Women's Health Program in an Academic Setting
Michelle Battistini
pp 162-175

Association of Gender With Symptoms and Complications in Type II Diabetes Mellitus
John H. Summerson, John G. Spangler, Ronny A. Bell, Brent J. Shelton, Joseph C. Konen
pp 176-182

Volume 9 Number 4 (July/August 1999)

Editorís Note
Warren H. Pearse
pp 183

New Approach to Assessing Clinical Quality of Care for Women: The QA Tool System
Elizabeth A. McGlynn, Eva A. Kerr, Steven M. Asch
pp 184-193

Ethical Considerations in Research Involving Pregnant Women
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
pp 194-198

Ethical Considerations? A Commentary on ACOG Committee Opinion 213: "Ethical Considerations in Research Involving Pregnant Women"
Virginia A. Sharpe
pp 199-201

Why Single Out Pregnant Women? Comments on ACOGís Recommendations for Involving Pregnant Women in Research
Patricia A. Roche, Michael A. Grodin
pp 202-205

Ethical Considerations in Research Involving Pregnant Women
Frank A. Chervenak, Lawrence B. McCullough
pp 206-207

Two Challenges for Research Ethics: Innovative Treatment and Fetal Treatment
Elena Gates
pp 208-210

Postmenopausal Women Take Steps to Reduce Their Osteoporosis Risk
Carolyn A. Raab, Donna Gregerson, Janet M. Shaw, Christine Snow
pp 211-218

Congestive Heart Failure with Preserved Systolic Function: Is it a Womenís Disease?
Roshni S. Samuel, Jeffrey Hausdorff, Jeanne Y. Wei
pp 219-222

Volume 9 Number 5 (September/October 1999)

Low Birth Weight - A Women's Health Issue
Tracy Johnson, Jodi Drisko, Kaia Gallagher, Crystal Barela
pp 223-230

Managed Care, Reimbursement Structure, and Access to Prenatal Social Services
Cynthia S. Minkovitz, Anne K. Duggan, Modena H. Wilson
pp 231-240

Quality Measurement Issues in Heart Disease in Women
Debra R. Judelson
pp 241-249

Quality Measures for Unintended Pregnancy Prevention in Health Care Services
Lynne S. Wilcox, Lisa M. Koonin, Melissa M. Adams
pp 250-258

The Role of Women's Advocacy Groups in Shaping Canadian Health Care Policy
Rohan Maharaj
pp 259-263

Understanding Lesbian's Mammography Utilization
Diane Ruth Lauver, Sarita L. Karon, Judith Egan, Miriam Jacobson, Joan Nugent, Lori Settersen, Victorial Shaw
pp 264-274

Volume 9 Number 6 (November/December 1999)

Osteoporosis Risk Factors: Association with Use of Hormone Replacement Therapy and With Worry About Osteoporosis
Barbara H. Osborn, Grace M. Couchman, Ilene C. Siegler, Lori A. Bastian
pp 278-285

Estrogen Replacement Therapy Among Elderly Women: Results from the 1995 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey
Usha Sambamoorthi, Stephen Crystal, Rizie Kumar, Jeff Harman
pp 286-294

Annual and Lifetime Prevalence of Partner Abuse in a Sample of Female HMO Enrollees
Alison Snow Jones, Andrea Carlson Gielen, Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Janet Schollenberger, Jacqueline A. Dienemann, Joan Kub, Patricia J. O'Campo, E. Clifford Wynne
pp 295-305

Population-Based Strategy for Improving Informed Decision Making about Hormone Replacement Therapy in Managed Care Settings
Andrea Z. LaCroix, Katherine M. Newton, Diana S.M. Buist, Susan J. Curry, Delia Scholes, Lynda A. Anderson, Nora L. Keenan
pp 306-318

Factors Associated with Hormone Replacement Therapy Use in Low-Income Urban Women
Susan E. Appling, Jerilyn K. Allen, Michele Bellantoni, Rosemarie Brager, Jule Hallerdin, Sharon Olsen, Shirley VanZandt, Jean Gaines, Kendra L. Young
pp 319-329

Attitudes and Knowledge Associated with being Undecided about Hormone Replacement Therapy: Results for a Community Sample
Lori A Bastian, C.M. McBride, S. Halabi, L.J. Fish, C.S. Skinner, E.B. Kaplan, H.B. Bosworth, B.K. Rimer, I.C. Siegler
pp 330-337

Alcohol: The Link Between Hormone Replacement and Breast Cancer Risk
Susan A. Ballagh
pp 338-342

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