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Volume 7 Number 1 (January/February 1997)

Physical Activity and Exercise Among Women
Martha C. Romans
pp 1-2

Physical Activity and Psychological Well-Being in Older Women
Diane L. Gill, Kathleen William, Lavon Williams, Brian Butki, Byoung Jun Kim
pp 3-9

Physical Activity and Exercise: A First Step to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in Women of All Ages
Jane Wiest, Roseann M. Lyle
pp 10-16

The Benefits of Physical Activity on Coronary Heart Disease and Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors in Women
Carol Ewing Garber
pp 17-23

Older Women and Physical Activity: Using the Telephone to Walk
Karla L. Jarvis, Robert H. Friedman, Timothy Heeren, Paula M. Cullinane
pp 24-29

A Comparison of a Mind/Body Approach Versus a Conventional Approach to Aerobic Dance
Deborah Kern, Judith Baker
pp 30-37

Unintended Pregnancy and the Psychosocial Well-Being of Pregnant Women
Suezanne T. Orr, C. Arden Miller
pp 38-46

Women's Attitudes Towards Breast Cancer Screening Procedures: Differences by Ethnicity
Suzanne L. Dibble, Janet Meyers Vanoni, Christine Miaskowski
pp 47-54

The Relationship of Menopausal Status and Serum Ferritin to Cardiovascular Risk
Sue M. Penckofer, Karyn Holm, Dorie Schwertz, Peggy Chandler
pp 55-63

Selected Abstracts of the 25th Annual Scientific Meeting of the North American Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynecology
pp 64-66

Editorial: Editorial Board Improves WHI for 1997
Warren H. Pearse
pp 70

Volume 7 Number 2 (March/April 1997)

Introduction to Proceedings of the Teaching to Promote Women's Health Conference
Helen P. Batty, Marilou McPhedran, Neger Mahdavian
pp 71-75

Integrating Feminist Theory and Women's Studies into the Women's Health Nursing Curriculum: Special Topics in Women's Health
Linda C. Andrist
pp 76-83

Teaching Trends and Issues in Women's Health Using a Feminist Perspective
Patricia E. B. Valentine
pp 84-87

Win Some, Lose Some: About Integration Projects of Women's Health Care
Leonore C. Nicolai
pp 88-91

Teaching Second-Year Medical Students About Wife Battering
W. E. Thurston, L. McLeod
pp 92-98

The Road to Freedom: Ending Violence Against Women
Marilyn Harris, Debra Anderson, Romana Madl, Jill Mannion, Heather McCosker
pp 99-108

Training in Reproductive Health and Sexuality: The Case of a Regional Program in Latin America
Silvia Ramos, Monica Gogna
pp 109-112

Teaching Nursing Students to Use Touch Therapies to Assist Healing
Milly Ching
pp 113-115

The Women's Health Specialty: Curriculum Implications
Lynne Hunt
pp 116-120

Building Therapeutic Staff: Client Relationships With Women Who Self-Harm
Karen Rea, Fran Aiken, Clancy Borastero
pp 121-125

Volume 7 Number 3 (May/June 1997)

ART, Ads, and Ethics: A Conference Held By the National Advisory Board on Ethics in Reproduction: Executive Summary
Ruth Macklin, Gladys B. White
pp 127-131

Commodification, Commercialization, and Embodiment
Allen Verhey
pp 132-142

Ethics, Advertising, and Assisted Reproduction: The Goals and Methods of Advertising
Allen R. Dyer
pp 143-148

The Commodification and Advertising of Infertility Treatment
pp 149-152

Accountability, Representation, and Advertising
Geoffrey Sher, Michael Feinman
pp 153-161

Innovations in Infertility Treatment and the Rush to Market
pp 162-166

Accountability in the Advertising and Marketing of Assisted Reproduction
pp 167-171

Panel One: Marketing Strategies and Informing the Patient/Consumer
pp 172-187

Panel Two: Reporting and Advertising Success Rates -- The Gordian Knot of Assisted Reproductive Technology
pp 188-196

Workshop Participants and Staff
pp 197

Volume 7 Number 4 (July/August 1997)

Editorial: If a Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing, What About a Lot of Knowledge: What Have We Learned From Pandora?
Nada L. Stotland
pp 201-203

The Human Genome Project and Women
Mary B. Mahowald
pp 204-205

An Overview of the Human Genome Project and Its Implications for Women
Mary B. Mahowald
pp 206-208

The Human Genome Project and Breast Cancer
Olufunmilayo I. Olopade
pp 209-214

Genetic Accountability and Pregnant Women
Karen H. Rothenberg
pp 215-219

Genetic Counseling and Women
Beth A. Fine
pp 220-224

Policy Implications of the Human Genome Project for Women
Christine K. Cassel
pp 225-229

Gender Justice in Genetics
Mary B. Mahowald
pp 230-233

Defining and Measuring Unintended Pregnancy: Issues and Concerns
Ruth Petersen Merry-K. Moos
pp 234-240

In Quest of the Perfect Analogy for Using In Vitro Fertilization Patients as Oocyte Donors
Jeffrey A. Nisker
pp 241-247

Women's Health Education for Medical Students: An Interdisciplinary Response
Diane M. Magrane
pp 248-252

Experience and Acceptability of Medical Abortion with Mifepristone and Misoprostol Among U.S. Women
Linda J. Beckman, S. Marie Harvey
pp 253-262

Learning to Ask About Domestic Violence
Harriet V. Coeling, Gloria Harman
pp 263-268

Evaluation of an HIV/AIDS Education Program in an Urban Prenatal Clinic
Andrea Carlson Gielen, Ruth R. Faden, Nancy E. Kass, Patricial O'Campo, Richard Chaisson, Linda Watkinson
pp 269-278

Volume 7 Number 5 (September/October 1997)

Models of Collaborative Practice: Preparing for Maternity Care in the 21st Century: Executive Summary
Maureen P. Corry, Deanne Williams, Susan R. Stapleton
pp 279-284

The Challenges and Opportunities of Collaborative Practice
Phyllis C. Leppert
pp 285-288

New Views on Education for Maternity Care Providers
Charles S. Mahan
pp 289-292

Collaborative Practice and Health Plans
Kathryn Wilber
pp 293-297

Collaborative Practice, Regulation, and Market Forces: A Changing Health Care Agenda
Catherine Dower, Edward O'Neil
pp 298-300

Midwives' and Physicians' Experiences in Collaborative Practice: A Qualitative Study
Suellen Miller
pp 301-308

Session One: The Challenges and Opportunities of Providing Maternity Care Through Collaborative Practice
pp 309

Session Two: Exploring Current Research Issues
pp 310-313

Session Three: Collaborative Practice in the Managed Care Environment
pp 314-317

Session Four: Academic and Contributing Education of Health Care Providers
pp 318-328

Session Five: Developing A Public Policy Agenda To Support Collaborative Practice
pp 329-336

Session Six: Challenging the Best Established Views of Maternity Care -- A Call To Action
pp 337-342

Four Models of Collaborative Practice
pp 343-345

Volume 7 Number 6 (November/December 1997)

Women's Primary Care in Managed Care: Clinical and Provider Issues
Martha C. Romans
pp 347-348

Primary Care for Women Under Managed Care: Clinical Issues
Karen J. Carlson
pp 349-361

The Women-Centered Health Care Team: Integrating Perspectives from Managed Care, Women's Health, and the Health Professional Workforce
Eileen Hoffman, Pamela Maraldo, Helen L. Coons, Karen Johnson
pp 362-374

Panel Discussion
Julianna S. Gonen
pp 375-379

A New Model of Training Physicians and Health Care Professionals in Women's Primary Health Care: The Women's Health Scholar Program
Claire C. Murphy, Helen Batty
pp 380-384

Pregnant Women's Perspectives on Intendedness of Pregnancy
Merry-K. Moos, Ruth Petersen, Katherine Meadows, Cathy L. Melvin, Alison M. Spitz
pp 385-392

Teaching Women's Health Issues in a Government Committee: The Story of a Successful Policy Group
Laura Shanner
pp 393-399

Perceptions of Contraceptive Effectiveness and Health Effects of Oral Contraception
Stacy L. Tessler, Jeffrey F. Peipert
pp 400-406

Editorial: An Imperative for Research in Women's Health: Who Will Pay
Lawrence D. Longo
pp 407-409

Pharmacy and Managed Care: Bridging the Gender Gap
Charles C. Ponte
pp 410

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