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Women's Health Issues > 2003

Volume 13, Issue 1 (January/February 2003)

Letter from the Editor
C.S. Weisman
pp 1

Nursing Home Admission of Female Alzheimer's Patients: Family Care Aspects
R.F. Young
pp 2-7

Sexual Behavior and Condom Practice Among Los Angeles Women
D.M. Upchurch, Y. Kusunoki, P. Simon, M.M. Doty
pp 8-15

Intimate Partner Violence and Substance Abuse Among Minority Women Receiving Care from an Inner-City Emergency Department
N. El-Bassel, L. Gilbert, S. Witte, E. Wu, T. Gaeta, R. Schilling, T. Wada
pp 16-22

A Survey on Attitudes and Experiences of Women with Heart Disease
E. Marcuccio, N. Loving, S.K. Bennett, S.N. Hayes
pp 23-31

Coping Styles and Personality Domains Related to Menopausal Stress
H.B. Bosworth, L.A. Bastian, B.K. Rimer, I.C. Siegler
pp 32-38

Does Pornography Influence Young Women's Sexual Behavior?
C. Rogala, T. Tyden
pp 39-43

Volume 13, Issue 2 (March/April 2002)

Women's Health and Medicaid Reform
K.M. Freund
pp 45-46

Women's Health Care in the VA System: Another "Patchwork Quilt"
M. McNeil, P. Hayes
pp 47-49

Availability of Comprehensive Women's Health Care Through Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
D.L. Washington, C. Caffrey, C. Goldzweig, B. Simon, E.M. Yano
pp 50-54

The Organization and Delivery of Women's Health Care in Departments of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
E.M. Yano, D.L. Washington, C. Goldzweig, C. Caffrey, C. Turner
pp 55-61

The Influence of Previous Breast Cancer Upon Mammography Utilization
J.S. Legg, T.L. Fauber, Y.A. Ozcan
pp 62-67

Domestice Violence Incidents with Children Witnesses: Findings from Rhode Island Surveillance Data
A. Gjelsvik, W. Verhoek-Oftedahl, D.N. Pearlman
pp 68-73

Mind Control of Menopause
J. Younus, I. Simpson, A. Collins, X. Wang
PP 74-78

Volume 13, Issue 3 (May/June 2003)

A Disease Specific Medicaid Expansion for Women: The Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention Act of 2000
P.M. Lantz, C.S. Weisman, Z. Itani
pp 79-92

Prenatal Care Characteristics and African-American Women's Satisfaction with Care in a Managed Care Organization
A. Handler, D. Rosenberg, K. Raube, S. Lyons
pp 93-103

Personal and Psychosocial Characteristics Associated with Psychiatric Conditions Among Women with Human Immunodeficiency Disorder
C. Sherbourne, N.G. Forge, F.Kung, M. Orlando, J. Tucker
pp 104- 110

Books Received
pp 111

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