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Women's Health Issues > 2002

Volume 12 Number 1 (January/February 2002)

Pregnant women deserve informed consent too
J.S. Gonen
pp 1-3

M.C. Romans
pp 4

Provider evaluation of a multifaceted system of care to improve recognition and management of pregnant women experiencing domestic violence
M.J. Zachary, C.B. Schechter, M.L. Kaplan, M.N. Mulvihill
pp 5-15

Depression and negative life events among pregnant African-American and Hispanic women
L.H. Zayas, M. Cunningham, M.D. McKee, K.R.B. Jankowski
pp 16-22

Drug testing welfare recipients-false positives, false negatives, unanticipated opportunities
H.A. Pollack, S. Danziger, R. Jayakody, K.S. Seefeldt
pp 23-31

Screening and treatment of anxiety disorders in pregnant and lactating women
R.B. Weisberg, J.A. Paquette
pp 32-36

Long-Term health consequences of delayed childbirth: NHANES III
A.A. Alonzo
pp 37-45

Performance indicators in women's health: incorporating women's health in the health plan employer data and information set (HEDIS)
E.D. McKinley, J.W. Thompson, J. Briefer-French, L.S. Wilcox, C.S. Weisman, W.C. Andrews
pp 46-58

Volume 12 Number 2 (March/April 2002)

Thinking about women's health: the case for gender sensitivity
A.J. Khoury, C.S. Weisman
pp 61-65

Outreach: targeting high-risk women through community partnerships
K. Barry, D.W. Britt
pp 66-78

Contraceptive counseling in managed care: preventing unintended pregnancy in adults
C.S. Weisman, D.S. Maccannon, J.T. Henderson, E. Shortridge, C.L. Orso
pp 79-95

Preventive health services use, lifestyle health behavior risks, and self-reported health status of women in Ohio by ethnicity and completed education status
M. MacDowell, L. Guo, A. Short
pp 96-102

The delivery of medical abortion services: the views of experienced providers
L.J. Beckman, S.M. Harvey, S.J. Satre
pp 103-112

Volume 12 Number 3 (May/June 2002)

Integrating social and biological research to improve men's and women's health
C.E. Bird, P.P. Rieker
pp 113-115

What's to know about study recruitment? We asked recruiters
B.A. Brown, H.L. Long, N. Milliken
pp 116-121

Breast and cervical cancer screening in Hispanic women: a literature review using the health belief model
L.T. Austin, F. Ahmad, M.-J. McNally, D.E. Stewart
pp 122-128

Access to preventive health care: is method of payment a barrier for immigrant Hispanic women?
M.E. Jones, C.L. Cason, M.L. Bond
pp 129-137

Are two doctors better than one? Women's physician use and appropriate care
J.T. Henderson, C.S. Weisman, H. Grason
pp 138-149

Before Amelia - women pilots in the early days of aviation
E.F. Lebow
pp 150-154

Volume 12 Number 4 (July/August 2002)

Healthy people 2010-leading health indicators for women
D.R. Maiese
pp 155-164

Trends in women's health services by type of physician seen: data from the 1985 and 1997-98 NAMCS
S.H. Scholle, J.C. Chang, J. Harman, M. McNeil
pp 165-177

Optimal health and well-being for women: definitions and strategies derived from focus groups of women
S. Kasle, M.S. Wilhelm, K.L. Reed
pp 178 -190

The mismatch between urban women's preferences for and experiences with primary care
A.S. O'Malley, C.B. Forrest
pp 191-203

Are women worrying about heart disease?
M.S. Biswas, P.S. Calhoun, H.B. Bosworth, L.A. Bastian
pp 204-211

Menopausal experiences and hormone replacement therapy use among women with physical impairments
H. Becker, A.K. Stuifbergen, D. Gordon
pp 212-219

Volume 12 Number 5 (September/October 2002)

A. Clark
pp 221

Toward a systematic approach to understanding—and ultimately eliminating—African American women’s health disparities
C.J.R. Hogue
pp 222-237

Race, ethnicity, and disparities in breast cancer: victories and challenges
Nina A. Bickell
pp 238-251

Racial and ethnic disparities in coronary heart disease in women: prevention, treatment, and needed interventions
P.A. Johnson, R.S. Fulp
pp 252-271

Public health addresses racial and ethnic disparities in coronary heart disease in women: perspectives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
G.A. Mensah, N.L. Keenan, W.H. Giles
pp 272-283

Volume 12 Number 6 (November/December 2002)

W. K. Jones
pp 285-286

Evaluation of the National Centers of Excellence in Women's Health: Sustaining the Promise
K.S. Collins
pp 287-290

A Qualitative Evaluation of the National Centers of Excellence in Women's Health Program
R. M. Goodman, M.R. Seaver, S. Yoo, S. Dibble, R. Shada, B. Sherman, F.Urmstrom, N. Milliken, K.M. Freund
pp 291-308

Evaluation of the Quality of Care in the Clinical Care Centers of the National Centers of Excellence in Women's Health
R.T. Anderson, C.S. Weisman, S.H. Scholle, J.T. Henderson, R. Oldendick, F. Camacho
pp 309-326

Performance Measurement in Women's Health: The Women's Health Report, Hospital Report 2001 Series, A Canadian Experience
A. Magistretti, D.E. Stewart, A.D. Brown
pp 327-337

Fitting Fitness into Women's Lives: Effects of a Gender-tailored Physical Activity Intervention
M. Segar, T. Jayaratne, J. Hanlon, C.R. Richardson
pp 338- 347

pp 348

pp 349-353

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