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Jacobs Institute of Women's Health
The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services
2021 K Street, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20006
D. Richard Mauery, MS, MPH
Managing Director


Events > U.S. & U.K.

"National Perspectives"
U.S. Speaker: Margaret Hamburg, Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, Department of Health and Human Services
U.K. Speaker: Dame Deidre Hine, Chairman, Commission for Health Improvement
Moderator: Edward Brandt, Professor, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

"Women's Primary Health Care and the Search for Quality"
U.S. Speaker: Karen Carlson, Massachusetts General Hospital Medical Practices Evaluation Speaker
U.K. Speaker: John Grant, British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Commentators: Julietta Patnick (U.K.), NHS Cancer Screening Programs; Karen Ignagni (U.S.), American Association of Health Plans; Joan Austoker (U.K.), University of Oxford Institute of Health Sciences;Joyce Lashof (U.S.), University of California (Berkeley) School of Public Health

"Patient-Centered Decision Making: Empowering Women to Make Informed Choices"
U.K. Speaker: Angela Coulter, Picker Institute Europe
U.S. Speaker: Elizabeth Mort, Massachusetts General Hospital
Commentators:Maureen Connelly (U.S.), Harvard Medical School/ Harvard Pilgrim Health Care; Dame Rennie Fritchie (U.K.), Pennell Initiative; Cindy Pearson (U.S.), National Women's Health Network; Pamela Warner (U.K.), University of Edinburgh Medical School

"Improving Access and Quality for Ethnic Minority Women"
U.S. Speaker: Sharon Barrett, Director, Office of Minority and Women's Health- HRSA
U.K. Speaker: Veena Bahl, Department of Health
Commentators: Ziggi Alexander (U.K.), Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work; Ruth Zambrana (U.S.), University of Maryland Department of Women's Studies; Elizabeth Anionwu (U.K.), Mary Seacole Centre for Nursing Practice, Thames Valley University; Sylvia Drew Ivie (U.S.), T.H.E. Clinic

"Domestic Violence as a Women's Health Issue"
U.K. Speaker: Iona Heath, Royal College of General Practitioners
U.S. Speaker: Robert McAfee, (formerly) American Medical Association
Commentators: Jacquelyn Campbell (U.S.), Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing; Peta Sissons (U.K.), Awareness in Practice; Terri Pease (U.S.), ServiceNet; Lesley Welch (U.K.), Women's Aid Federation of England

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