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Highlights from Volume 14 of Women's Health Issues

This issue featured the inaugural editorial forum. The forum on choices regarding treatment and health behaviors after breast cancer featured editorials from Ann Barry Floods, PhD; Wendy Y. Chen, MD, MPH; JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH; Michelle D. Holmes, MD, DrPH; and Candyce H. Kroenke, ScD.

The lead-off article in this issue is "The Development and Validation of the Primary Care Satisfaction Survey for Women" by Sarah Hudson Scholle, DrPH; Carol S. Weisman, PhD; Roger T. Anderson, PhD; and Fabian Camacho, MS. This paper reports the development and psychometric properties of a new survey instrument to measure women's satisfaction with their primary care. A multi-site, cross-sectional validation survey of 1,202 women receiving care in primary care settings in Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania was conducted.

This issue features an editorial regarding postmenopausal dementia and the Women's Health Initiative Memory Study. Also published in this issue was the winner of the Ortho-McNeil Award, "Associations Between Forced Sex, Sexual and Protective Practices, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among a National Sample of Adolescent Girls", by Dawn M. Upchurch, PhD and Yasamin Kusunoki, MPH.

This issue features the second editorial forum on the women's health agenda in an election year. Contributors include Anne S. Kasper, PhD; Sheryl Burt Ruzek, PhD, MPH; and Trude Bennett, MSW, MPH, DrPH.

This issue includes "Correlations of Body Mass Index and Waist-to-Hip Ratio Among Mexican Women in the United States: Implications for Intervention Development" by Guadalupe X. Ayala, PhD, MPH; John P. Elder, PhD, MPH; Nadia R. Campbell, MPH; Donald J. Slymen, PhD; Nupur Roy, MD, MPH; Moshe Engelberg, PhD, MPH; and Theodore Ganiats, MD. This study contributes to our understanding of acculturation and obesity by examining the association between acculturation, body mass index, and waist-to-hip ratio.

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