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Women's Health Issues > Table of Contents

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Volume 17 Number 4 (July/August 2007)

Gibbs Prize Announcement: Best Manuscript of 2006
Women's Health Issues Editors
pp 174-174

Editorial - Introduction to Theme Issue on the Health of Incarcerated Women
Harold A. Pollack PhDa
pp 176-179

Editorial - Women and the Criminal Justice System
Stephanie S. Covington PhD, LCSW
pp 180-182

Health, Mental Health, Substance use, and Service Utilization among Rural and Urban Incarcerated Women
Michele Staton-Tindall PhD, MSWa, Jamieson L. Duvall MAa, Carl Leukefeld DSWa and Carrie B. Oser PhDa
pp 183-192

A Captive Audience: Bringing the WISEWOMAN Program to South Dakota Prisoners
Olga A. Khavjou MAa, Jacy Clarke MPHb, Roberta M. Hofeldt RNb, Patty Lihs BSb, Ryan K. Loo PhDc, Malavika Prabhu BSa, Norma Schmidt MAb, Chrisandra K. Stockmyer MPH, RDc and Julie C. Will PhD, MPHc
pp 193-201

The Influence of Stress on the Menstrual Cycle among Newly Incarcerated Women
Jenifer E. Allsworth PhDa, Jennifer Clarke MD, MPHb, c, Jeffrey F. Peipert MD, MPHa, Megan R. Hebert MAd, Amy Cooper CRNPe and Lori A. Boardman MD, ScMc, e
pp 202-209

The Association Between History of Violence and HIV Risk: A Cross-Sectional Study of HIV-Negative Incarcerated Women in Connecticut
Anita Ravi MPHa, Kim M. Blankenship PhDb, and Frederick L. Altice MDc
pp 210-216

A National Overview of Reproductive Health Care Services for Girls in Juvenile Justice Residential Facilities
Catherine A. Gallagher PhDa, c, Adam Dobrin PhDb, c and Anne S. Douds JDa, c
pp 217-226

Health Interventions With Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
Patricia J. Kelly PhD, MPH, RN, FNPa, Steven V. Owen PhDb, Esther Peralez-Dieckmann MPAc and Elisabeth Martinez MSb
pp 227-236

Short-Term Psychological Adjustment of Female Prison Inmates on a Minimum Security Unit
Kayleen A. Islam-Zwart PhDa, Peter W. Vik PhDb and Karen S. Rawlins BAc
pp 237-243

Treatment Needs and Completion of Community-Based Aftercare Among Substance-Abusing Women Offenders
Christine E. Grella PhDa, and Lisa Greenwell PhDa
pp 244-255

Methamphetamine Use by Incarcerated Women: Comorbid Mood and Anxiety Problems
Peter W. Vik PhD
pp 256-263

Psychiatric Distress in Incarcerated Women With Recent Cocaine and Alcohol Abuse
Mary M. Velasquez PhDa, Kirk von Sternberg PhDa, Patricia Dolan Mullen DrPHb, Joseph P. Carbonari EdDc and Lisa Y. Kan MAa
pp 264-272

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