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Women's Health Issues > Table of Contents

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Volume 18 Number 1 (January/February 2008)

Commentary: Gender Bias in Economic Evaluation Methods Time Costs and Productivity Loss
Alison Snow Jones PhDa, and Kevin D. Frick PhDb
pp 1-3

Commentary: Gender Bias in Economic Evaluation Methods Quality of Life and Family Role Effects
Kevin D. Frick PhDa, and Alison Snow Jones PhDb,
pp 4-6

Women's Health Insurance Coverage 1980 - 2005
Sherry Glied PhDa Kathrine Jack BA, JDa and Jason Rachlin BA, MAa
pp 7-16

Women's Perceived Control of Their Birth Outcomes in the Central Pennsylvania Women's Health Study Implications for the Use of Preconception Care
Carol S. Weisman PhDa, Marianne M. Hillemeier PhDb, Gary A. Chase PhDa, Dawn P. Misra PhDc, Cynthia H. Chuang MDa, Roxanne Parrott PhDb, and Anne-Marie Dyer MSa
pp 17-25

Ethnic Differences in the Correlates of Mental Distress Among Homeless Women
Erika Laine Austin PhDa, Ronald Andersen PhDb, and Lillian Gelberg MD, MSPHb
pp 26-34

An Examination of the Perceived Social Support Levels of Women in Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs Who Experience Various Forms of Intimate Partner Violence
Subadra Panchanadeswaran PhDa, Nabila El-Bassel DSWb, Louisa Gilbert MSa, Elwin Wu PhDa, and Mingway Chang MAa
pp 35-43

Stepped Care Treatment of Postpartum Depression A Primary Care-Based Management Model
Dwenda Gjerdingen MD, MSa, Wayne Katon MDb, and Deborah E. Rich PhD, LPc
pp 44-52

Evaluating Differential Item Functioning of the PRIME-MD Mood Module Among Impoverished Black and White Women in Primary Care
Kimberly A. Hepner PhDa, Leo S. Morales MD, PhDb, Ron D. Hays PhDb, Maria Orlando Edelen PhDa, and Jeanne Miranda PhDc
pp 53-61

A Sociobehavioral Model of Acupuncture Use, Patterns, and Satisfaction Among Women in the United States, 2002
Dawn M. Upchurch PhDa, Adam Burke PhD, MPH, LAcb, Claire Dye MSPHa, Laura Chyu MAa, Yasamin Kusunoki MPHa, and Gail A. Greendale MDc
pp 62-71

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