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Volume 18 Number 3 (May/June 2008)

Commentary: Exposing Gender Bias in Medical Taxonomy: Toward Embracing a Gender Difference Without Disenfranchising Women
James D. Katz MDa,, Rachel Seaman MDa and Shari Diamond MDa
pp 151-154

Women's Preventive Screening in Rural Health Clinics
Joellen Beckett Edwards PhD, RNa and Fred Tudiver MD, FCFPb
pp 155-166

Availability of Gynecologic Services in the Department of Veterans Affairs
Michelle D. Seelig MD, MSHSa, Elizabeth M. Yano PhD, MSPHb, c, Bevanne Bean-Mayberry MD, MHSb, d, Andy B. Lanto MAb, and Donna L. Washington MD, MPHb, d
pp 167-173

Army Women's Reasons for Condom Use and Nonuse
Victoria von Sadovszky PhD, RNa, Nancy Ryan-Wenger PhD, RNa, Sara Germann MS, RNa, Megan Evans BSN, RNb, and Christine Fortney MS, RNc
pp 174-180

Individual and Neighborhood Differences in Diet Among Low-Income Foreign and U.S.-Born Women
Tamara Dubowitz ScDa, S.V. Subramanian PhDb, Dolores Acevedo-Garcia MPA-URP, PhDb, Theresa L. Osypuk ScDc, and Karen E. Peterson ScD, RDb
pp 181-190

Women and Men with Coronary Heart Disease in Three Countries: Are They Treated Differently?
Markus Bönte PhDa, Olaf von dem Knesebeck PhDa, Johannes Siegrist PhDa, Lisa Marceau MPHb, Carol Link PhDb, Sara Arber PhDc, Ann Adams PhDd, and John B. McKinlay PhDb
pp 191-198

Age and Gender Differences in Medicare Expenditures and Service Utilization at the End of Life for Lung Cancer Decedents
Lisa R. Shugarman PhDa, Chloe E. Bird PhDa, Cynthia R. Schuster MPPa, and Joanne Lynn MD, MSb
pp 199-209

Relationship of Sleep Quality with Coping and Life Styles in Female Moroccan Immigrants in Germany
Ursula Voss PhDa, and Inka Tuin MDb
pp 210-216

Participant Recruitment to a Randomized Trial of a Community-Based Behavioral Intervention for Pre- and Interconceptional Women Findings From the Central Pennsylvania Women's Health Study
Diana L. Velott MPAa, Sara A. Baker MSWa, Marianne M. Hillemeier PhDb, and Carol S. Weisman PhDa
pp 217-224

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