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Volume 18 Number 4 (July/August 2008)

Gibbs Prize Announcement: Best Manuscript of 2007
pp 225

Commentary: An Innovative Approach to Determine Fetal Risk The FDA Office of Women's Health Pregnancy Exposure Registry Web Listing
Pellavi Sharma MPH, a, Ameeta Parekh PhD, a and Kathleen Uhl MD, a
pp 226-228

The Impact of Malpractice Burden on Michigan Obstetrician-Gynecologists' Career Satisfaction
Xiao Xu PhDa, Kristine A. Siefert PhD, MPHb, Peter D. Jacobson JD, MPHc, Jody R. Lori MS, CNMd and Scott B. Ransom DO, MBA, MPHe
pp 229-237

Quality of Care and Role of Health Insurance Among Non-Elderly Women with Disabilities
Jaeun Shin PhDa and Sangho Moon PhDa,
pp 238-248

Preventive Health Care Among Older Women in an Academic Primary Care Practice
Mara A. Schonberg MD, MPH, a, Meghan York MDa, Nisha Basu MD, MPHa, Daniele Ölveczky MD, MSca and Edward R. Marcantonio MD, SMa
pp 249-256

Cultural and Educational Disparities in the Use of Primary and Preventive Health Care Services Among Midlife Women in Israel
Yael Benyamini PhDa, Tzvia Blumstein MAb, Valentina Boyko MScb and Liat Lerner-Geva MD, PhDb
pp 257-266

Integrative Review of Research on General Health Status and Prevalence of Common Physical Health Conditions of Women After Childbirth
Ching-Yu Cheng PhDa, and Qing Li DrPH, MD, MMb
pp 267-280

Type of Physical Activity Goal Influences Participation in Healthy Midlife Women
Michelle L. Segar PhDa, Jacquelynne S. Eccles PhDb and Caroline R. Richardson MDc, d
pp 281-291

Discrimination and Symptoms of Depression in Pregnancy Among African American and White Women
Renée B. Canady PhDa, Bertha L. Bullen PhDb, Claudia Holzman PhDb, Clifford Broman PhDc and Yan Tian MSb
pp 292-300

Quality of Life, Optimism/Pessimism, and Knowledge and Attitudes Toward HIV Screening Among Pregnant Women in Ghana
Cheryl A. Moyer MPHa, b, c, Geraldine Ekpo BSc, Cecilia L. Calhoun BAc, Jonathan Greene BSc, Sujata Naik MPHd, Emily Sippola BAa, David T. Stern MD, PhDa, b, c, e, f, Richard M. Adanu FWACS, MPHc, g, Isaac O. Koranteng BSc, MB, ChBg, Enyonam Yao Kwawukume MBBSg and Frank J. Anderson MD, MPHc, d
pp 301-309

Well-Being During the Menopausal Transition and Early Postmenopause A Within-Stage Analysis
Kathleen Smith-DiJulio RN, PhD, a, Nancy Fugate Woods RN, PhD, FAANa and Ellen Sullivan Mitchell PhDa
pp 310-318

Predictors of Hysterectomy as a Treatment for Menstrual Symptoms
Melissa Graham PhDa, Erica L. James PhDb and Helen Keleher PhDc
pp 319-327

Susceptibility to Nausea and Motion Sickness as a Function of the Menstrual Cycle
Robert L. Matchock PhDa, Max E. Levine PhDb, Peter J. Gianaros PhDc and Robert M. Stern PhDd
pp 328-335

Fatigue as a Major Predictor of Quality of life in Women with Autoimmune Liver Disease The Case of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
Ellen D. Sogolow PhDa, Judith N. Lasker PhDa, and Lynn M. Short PhD, MPHb, c
pp 336-342

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