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Volume 18 Number 5 (September/October 2008)

Commentary: Reflections on the Future of Women's Health Research in a Comparative Context: Why More Than Sex and Gender Matters
Armin¨¦e Kazanjian DrSoca, 1, and Olena Hankivsky PhDb, 2
pp 343-346

Commentary: Insured Women and Payment for Elective Abortion
J.A. Lee ScMa, , Aimee Afable-Munsuz PhDb, Stephanie L. Van Bebber MScc, and Kathryn A. Phillips PhDc
pp 347-350

Family Planning and Life Planning Reproductive Intentions Among Individuals Seeking Reproductive Health Care
Diana G. Foster PhD, a, , M. Antonia Biggs PhDa, Lauren J. Ralph MPHa, Abigail Aronsa and Claire D. Brindis DrPHa
pp 351-359

Who is Using Emergency Contraception? Awareness and Use of Emergency Contraception Among California Women and Teens
Susie B. Baldwin MD, MPHa, Rosa Solorio MD, MPHb, Donna L. Washington MD, MPHc, d, Hongjian Yu PhDe, Yii-Chieh Huang MSe and E. Richard Brown PhDe
pp 360-368

Partnership Concurrency Status and Condom Use Among Women Diagnosed with Trichomonas vaginalis
Bronwen Lichtenstein PhDa, Renee A. Desmond DVM, PhDb and Jane R. Schwebke MDb
pp 369-374

Depressive Symptoms and Interpersonal Victimization Among African American Women Attending an Urban STD Clinic
Makeda J. Williams PhD, MPH, CHESa, and Diane M. Grimley PhDb
pp 375-380

Women's Interest in Treatment to Stay Abstinent from Cigarettes Postpartum
Michele D. Levine PhD, a
pp 381-386

Understanding Differences in Substance Use Among Bisexual and Heterosexual Young Women
Joan S. Tucker PhD, a, Phyllis L. Ellickson PhDa and David J. Klein MSa
pp 387-398

Australian Women Seeking Counseling Have Higher Use Of Health Services
Margot Schofield MClinPsych, PhDa, b, c, and Asaduzzaman Khan MScStats, MPH(Hons), PhDd, e
pp 399-405

Self-Assessed Physical Function Levels Of Women with Fibromyalgia: A National Survey
Jessie Jones PhDa, Dana N. Rutledge RN, PhDb, Kim Dupree Jones RN, PhD, FNPc, Lynne Matallana MAd and Daniel S. Rooks PhDe
pp 406-412

Arranging Appropriate Activities Immigrant Women's Ideas of Enabling Exercise
Marita Södergren MSc, a, , Ingrid Hylander PhDa, Lena Törnkvist PhDa, Jan Sundquist MD, PhDa and Kristina Sundquist MD, PhDa
pp 413-422

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