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Volume 18 Number 6 Supplement (November/December 2008)

Policy and Financing Issues for Preconception and Interconception Health: Editor's Note
Anne Rossier Markus JD, PhD, MHS, a
pp S1

Policy And Finance For Preconception Care: Opportunities for Today and the Future
Kay Johnson MPH, MEda, Hani Atrash MD, MPHb and Alison Johnson MPHb
pp S2-S9

Marching Forward: Action Steps to Optimize the Health of Women and Babies
Jennifer L. Howse PhD, a
pp S10-S12

Transforming Preconceptional, Prenatal, and Interconceptional Care Into A Comprehensive Commitment To Women's Health
Paul H. Wise MD, MPH, a
pp S13-S18

The future of preconception care: A Clinical Perspective
Brian W. Jack MDa, Hani Atrash MD, MPHb, Timothy Bickmore PhDc and Kay Johnson MPH, MEdd
pp S19-S25

Women and Health Insurance: Implications for Financing Preconception Health
Sara Rosenbaum JD, a
pp S26-S35

Employer Approaches To Preconception Care
Kathryn E. Phillips MPHa and Georgette Flood, a
pp S36-S40

Making the Most of Medicaid: Promoting the Health of Women and Infants With Preconception Care
Alina Salganicoff PhD, a, and Jane An MHSa
pp S41-S46

Role of Medicaid Family Planning Waivers and Title X In Enhancing Access to Preconception Care
Rachel Benson Gold MPA, a, and Casey Alrich MPHa
pp S47-S51

Community Approaches to Women's Health: Delivering Preconception Care in a Community Health Center Model
Sara Wilensky JD, MPPa, and Michelle Proser MPPb
pp S52-S60

Healthy Start: Lessons Learned on Interconception Care
Maribeth Badura RN, MSNa, Kay Johnson MPH, MEdb, Karen Hench RN, MSa and Madelyn Reyes RN, MPAa
pp S61-S66

Title V Strategies to Ensure a Continuum of Women's Health Services
Helene Kent RD, MPH, a, and Nan Streeter MS, RNa
pp S67-S73

Translating Policy to Practice and Back Again: Implementing a Preconception Program in Delaware
Charlan Kroelinger PhDa, and Deborah Ehrenthal MD, FACPb
pp S74-S80

Where are the Data to Drive Policy Changes for Preconception Health and Health Care?
Samuel F. Posner PhDa, Danielle L. Broussard PhD, MPHb, c, William M. Sappenfield MD, MPHc, Nan Streeter MS, RNd, Lauren B. Zapata PhD, MSPHa and Magda G. Peck ScDe
pp S81-S86

Improving Women's Preconceptional Health: Findings from a Randomized Trial of the Strong Healthy Women Intervention in the Central Pennsylvania Women's Health Study
Marianne M. Hillemeier PhDa, Danielle Symons Downs PhDa, Mark E. Feinberg PhDa, Carol S. Weisman PhDb, Cynthia H. Chuang MDb, Roxanne Parrott PhDc, Diana Velott MPAb, Lori A. Francis PhDa, Sara A. Baker MSWb, Anne-Marie Dyer MSb and Vernon M. Chinchilli PhDb
pp S87-S96

Welfare Reform and Insurance Coverage During the Pregnancy Period: Implications for Preconception and Interconception Care
Kosali Ilayperuma Simon PhDa, and Arden Handler DrPHb
pp S97-S106

Prevalence of Chronic Illness in Pregnancy, Access to Care, and Health Care Costs: Implications for Interconception Care
Sharmila Chatterjee MD, MPHa, b, Milton Kotelchuck PhD, MPHc and Usha Sambamoorthi PhDd, e, f
pp S107-S116

The Effect of Preconception Counselling on Lifestyle and Other Behaviour Before and During Pregnancy
Joyce Elsinga PhDa, Lieke C. de Jong-Potjer MD, PhDa, Karin M. van der Pal-de Bruin PhDb, Saskia le Cessie PhDc, Willem J.J. Assendelft MD, PhDa and Simone E. Buitendijk PhDb
pp S117-S125

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