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Women's Health Issues > Table of Contents

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Volume 19 Number 1 (January/February 2009)

Women's Health: Moving Forward With The Jacobs Institute
Susan F. Wood PhD, a
pp 1-2

Commentary: Collaborating For Change: Creating a Women's Health Network
Joslyn W. Fisher MD, MPHa, and Kathryn E. Peek PhDb
pp 3-7

Obstetrician-Gynecologists' Opinions about Patient Safety: Costs and Liability Remain Problems; Are Mandated Reports a Solution?
Paul G. Stumpf MDa, Britta Anderson BAb, Hal Lawrence MDc and Jay Schulkin PhDb
pp 8-13

Facility-Based Maternal Death Review In Three Districts In The Central Region of Malawi: An Analysis of Causes and Characteristics of Maternal Deaths
Eugene J. Kongnyuy MD, MPHa, Grace Mlava MPHb and Nynke van den Broek PhD, FROCGa
pp 14-20

Pregnancy Losses In Young Australian Women: Findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health
Danielle Herbert MSc, a, Jayne Lucke PhDa and Annette Dobson PhDa
pp 21-29

Maternity Leave In The Ninth Month of Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes Among Working Women
Sylvia Guendelman PhD, LCSWa, Michelle Pearl PhDb, Steve Graham MPHb, Alan Hubbard PhDa, Nap Hosang MD, MPH, MBAa and Martin Kharrazi MPH, PhDc
pp 30-37

The Relationship Between Sleep Characteristics and Fatigue In Healthy Postpartum Women
Jacqueline Rychnovsky PhD, RN, CPNPa, and Lauren P. Hunter PhD, CNM, WHCNP, FACNMb
pp 38-44

Assessing Sleep During Pregnancy: A Study Across Two Time Points Examining the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and Associations with Depressive Symptoms
Helen Skouteris PhDa, Eleanor H. Wertheim PhDb, Carmela Germano BBSc (Hons)b, Susan J. Paxton PhDb and Jeannette Milgrom PhDc
pp 45-51

Social, Behavioral, and Health Care Factors Associated With Recent HIV Testing Among Sexually Active Non-Hispanic Black Women In The United States
Jodi Nearns PhDa, Julie A. Baldwin PhDb and Heather Clayton MPHb
pp 52-60

Vaccination Uptake and Awareness of a Free Hepatitis B Vaccination Program Among Female Commercial Sex Workers
Jessica E. Baars MSca, b, Brigitte J.F. Boon PhDa, Henk F. Garretsen PhDc and Dike van de Mheen PhDa, b
pp 61-69

Financial and Quality-of-Life Burden of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Among Women Agreeing To Obtain Surgical Treatment
Kevin D. Frick PhDa, Melissa A. Clark PhDb, Donald M. Steinwachs PhDa, Patricia Langenberg PhDc, Dale Stovall MDd, Malcolm G. Munro MDe, Kay Dickersin PhDa and The STOP-DUB Research Group
pp 70-78

Are Women With Functional Limitations at High Risk of Underutilization of Mammography Screening?
Nasar U. Ahmed PhDa, Gary L. Smith MSb, Gillian Haber MPHa and Michael C. Belcon MD, MPHa
pp 79-87

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