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Volume 19 Number 2 (March/April 2009)

Increasing Participation of Women in Early Phase Clinical Trials Approved by the FDA
Ellen Pinnow MSa, Pellavi Sharma MPHa, Ameeta Parekh PhDa, Natalie Gevorkian MDa and Kathleen Uhl MDa
pp 89-93

Intimate Partner Violence, Health Status, and Health Care Access Among Women with Disabilities
Kirsten A. Barrett PhDa, Bonnie O'Day PhDa, Allison Roche BSa and Barbara Lepidus Carlson MAa
pp 94-100

Help-Seeking Behavior for Intimate Partner Violence among Racial Minority Women in Canada
Ilene Hyman PhDc, Tonia Forte MSca, Janice Du Mont EdDa, c, Sarah Romans MB, MDa, d and Marsha M. Cohen MD, MHSca, b
pp 101-108

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Police-Reported Intimate Partner Violence and Risk of Hospitalization among Women
Sherry Lipsky PhD, MPHa, Raul Caetano MD, PhDb and Peter Roy-Byrne MDc
pp 109-118

Contemporary Homicide Risks among Women of Reproductive Age
Rosa M. Gonzalez-Guarda PhD, MPH, RN, CPHa, and Barbara Luke ScD, MPH, RN, RDb
pp 119-125

Perceived Barriers to Physical Activity According to Stage of Change and Body Mass Index in the West Virginia WISEWOMAN Population
James A. Rye PhDa, Sheila L. Rye MSa, Irene Tessaro MSN, DrPHa and Jay Coffindaffer PhDa
pp 126-134

Health Care for American Indian and Alaska Native Women: The Roles of the Veterans Health Administration and The Indian Health Service
B. Josea Kramer PhDa, b, Stella Jouldjian MSW, MPHc, Donna L. Washington MD, MPHc, Judith O. Harker PhDc, Debra Saliba MD, MPHa, b, d, e and Elizabeth M. Yano PhD, MSPHd
pp 135-143

Women's Trust in and Use of Information Sources in the Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms
Sally A. Huston PhDa, Rebekah M. Jackowski PharmDb and Duane M. Kirking PharmD, PhDc
pp 144-153

Erratum: Refers to: Representations of Cosmetic Surgery and Emotional Health in Women's Magazines in Canada
Andrea N. Polonijo, Richard M. Carpiano

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