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D. Richard Mauery, MS, MPH
Managing Director


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Volume 19 Number 6 (November/December 2009)

Editorial - Why Policy Matters
D. Richard Mauery, MS, MPH
pp 353-354

US Fertility Prevention as Poverty Prevention: An Empirical Question and Social Justice Issue
Diana Romero PhD, MAa, and Madina Agénor MPHb
pp 355-364

Male Access to Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception: A Survey of Acceptability and Barriers in Providence, Rhode Island
Brian T. Nguyen MAa, and Nickolas Zaller PhDa, b
pp 365-372

Exploring Emergency Contraception Knowledge among Florida Pharmacy School Students: A Preliminary Assessment
Alice R. Richman PhD, MPHa, and Ellen M. Daley PhD, MPHb
pp 373-380

Contraceptive Use and Contraception Type in Women by Body Mass Index Category
Amisha Schraudenbach MPHa and Stephanie McFall PhDb
pp 381-389

The Effects of Stress on Birth Weight in Low-Income, Unmarried Black Women
Margaret L. Holland PhD, MPHa, Harriet Kitzman RN, PhDb and Peter Veazie PhDa
pp 390-397

Low-Income Women's Reproductive Weight Patterns: Empirically Based Clusters of Prepregnant, Gestational, and Postpartum Weights
Lorraine O. Walker RN, EdD, MPHa
pp 398-405

State-Level Differences in Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening by Disability Status: United States, 2008
Brian S. Armour PhDa, JoAnn M. Thierry PhDa and Lesley A. Wolf MPHb
pp 406-414

Repeat Mammography Screening Among Unmarried Women With and Without a Disability
Melissa A. Clark PhDa, Michelle L. Rogers PhDb, Xiaozhong Wen MD, MScb, Victoria Wilcox PhDc, Kate McCarthy-Barnett EdDd, Jeanne Panarace MAe, Carol Manning MSf, Susan Allen PhDb and William Rakowski PhDb
pp 415-424

One More Hurdle to Increasing Mammography Screening: Pubescent, Adolescent, and Prior Mammography Screening Experiences
Eileen Thomas PhD, RNa, and LaToya Usher MS, RNb
pp 425-433

Screening Mammography: A Cross-Sectional Study to Compare Characteristics of Women Aged 40 and Older From the Deep South Who Are Current, Overdue, and Never Screeners
Ellen D.S. Lopez MPH, PhDa, Amal J. Khoury PhD, MPHb, Amy B. Dailey PhDc, Allyson G. Hall PhDd and Latarsha R. Chisholm MSWd
pp 434-445

Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders among Women Veterans with Diabetes
Ranjana Banerjea PhDa, Leonard M. Pogach MD, MBAa, b, David Smelson PsyDa, c, d and Usha Sambamoorthi PhDa, d, e
pp 446-456

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