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Volume 20 Number 1 (January/February 2010)

Editors' Note: The 20th Anniversary of Women's Health Issues
Anne Rossier Markus JD, PhD, MHSa and D. Richard Mauery MS, MPHa
pp 1

Editorial: Apologia
Warren H. Pearse MDa
pp 2

Commentary: Women and Public Health Emergency Preparedness
Rebecca Katz PhD, MPHa and D. Richard Mauery MS, MPHa
pp 3-6

Commentary: The Denial of Abortion Care Information, Referrals, and Services Undermines Quality Care for U.S. Women
Tracy A. Weitz PhD, MPAa, and Susan Berke Fogel JDb
pp 7-11

Abortion Patients' Perceptions of Abortion Regulation
Kate Cockrill MPHa and Tracy A. Weitz PhD, MPAa, b
pp 12-19

Resilience After Hurricane Katrina Among Pregnant and Postpartum Women
Emily W. Harville PhDa, Xu Xiong MD, DrPHa, Pierre Buekens MD, PhDa, Gabriella Pridjian MDb and Karen Elkind-Hirsch PhDc
pp 20-27

Predictors of Parents' Willingness to Vaccinate for Human Papillomavirus and Physicians' Intentions to Recommend the Vaccine
Jessica L. Barnack PhDa, Diane M. Reddy PhDb and Carolyne Swain MSc
pp 28-34

Impact of Patient Adherence and Test Performance on the Cost-Effectiveness of Cervical Cancer Screening in Developing Countries: The Case of Honduras
Rebecca B. Perkins MD, MSca, Sarah M. Langrish NPb, Linda J. Stern MPHc, James F. Burgess PhDd and Carol J. Simon PhDd
pp 35-42

Perceptions of Physical Activity and Motivational Interviewing Among Rural African-American Women with Type 2 Diabetes
Stephania T. Miller PhDa, Khensani N. Marolen BSb and Bettina M. Beech DrPHc
pp 43-49

Folic Acid Supplementation in Younger and Older Nonpregnant Women of Reproductive Age: Findings from the Central Pennsylvania Women's Health Study (CePAWHS)
Laura Evansa and Carol S. Weisman PhDa
pp 50-57

Explorative Evaluation of the Impact of Severe Premenstrual Disorders on Work Absenteeism and Productivity
Lothar A.J. Heinemann MD, PhD, DSca, Thai Do Minh PhDa, Anna Filonenko MEconb and Kerstin Uhl-Hochgräber MDb
pp 58-65

Factors Affecting Reduction of Gender Differences in Health Care Coverage for Vocational Rehabilitation Clients with Disabilities
Ari Mwachofi PhDa, Allen W. Heinemann PhD, ABPP (RP), FACRMb and Al Al-Assaf MD, MPHc
pp 66-74

A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Rapid Yeast Detection Kits
Surabhi K. Gaur MBAa, Kevin D. Frick PhDb and Vani Dandolu MD, MPHc
pp 75-79

Maternal Mortality Ratio and Predictors of Maternal Deaths in Selected Desert Districts in Rajasthan: A Community-Based Survey and Case Control Study
Shiv D. Gupta MD, PhDa, Anoop Khanna MSW, PhDa, E-mail The Corresponding Author, Rajeshwari Gupta MBBS, MS Gyna, Nand K. Sharma MAa and Narottam D. Sharma MA, LLBa
pp 80-85

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