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Volume 20 Number 2 (March/April 2010)

Commentary: The Role of Governments in Health Care: Implications for Women's Health and Access to Care
Mary K. Zimmerman PhDa, Elizabeth Legerski, MSa
pp 87-91

Commentary: Mental Health Outcomes of Abortion and Its Alternatives: Implications for Future Policy
Sara Levine Kornfield MSCa and Pamela A. Geller PhDa
pp 92-95

How Much Does Low Socioeconomic Status Increase the Risk of Prenatal and Postpartum Depressive Symptoms in First-Time Mothers?
Deepika Goyal PhD, RN, FNPa, Caryl Gay PhDb and Kathryn A. Lee RN, PhD, FAANb

Nursing Home Residence Confounds Gender Differences in Medicare Utilization: An Example of Simpson's Paradox
Andrea C. Kronman MD, MSca, c, Karen M. Freund MD, MPHa, c, Amresh Hanchate PhDa, Ezekiel J. Emanuel MD, PhDb and Arlene S. Ash PhDa
pp 105-113

Gender Disparities in Medical Expenditures Attributable to Hypertension in the United States
Rituparna Basu PhDa, Luisa Franzini PhDb, Patrick M. Krueger PhDc, d and David R. Lairson PhDb
pp 114-125

Preconception Predictors of Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Prospective Findings from the Central Pennsylvania Women's Health Study
Carol S. Weisman PhDa, Marianne M. Hillemeier PhDb, Danielle Symons Downs PhDb, Cynthia H. Chuang MD, MSca and Anne-Marie Dyer MSa
pp 126-132

Multiparity is Associated With High Motivation to Change Diet Among Overweight and Obese Postpartum Women
Lori A. Bastian MD, MPHa, b, c, Viranga C. Pathiraja MD, MPHa, Katrina Kraused, Rebecca J. Namenek Brouwerd, Geeta K. Swamy MDc, Cheryl A. Lovelady PhD, RDe and Truls Østbye MD, PhDd, f
pp 133-138

Breast Cancer Screening Practices and Correlates Among American Indian and Alaska Native Women in California, 2003
Jan M. Eberth MSPHa, John Charles Huber Jr. PhDb and Antonio Rene PhDb
pp 139-145

African-American Adolescent Girls' Initiation of Sexual Activity: Survival Analysis
Barbara L. Dancy MS, PhD, FAANa, Kathleen S. Crittenden MA, PhDa and Hongyan Ning MSb
pp 146-155

Social Capital, Women's Autonomy and Smoking Among Married Women in Low-Income Urban Neighborhoods of Beirut, Lebanon
Rema A. Afifi PhDa, Rima T. Nakkash DrPHa and Marwan Khawaja PhDa
pp 156-167

Women's Health Issues
pp 168-169

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