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Summaries of the Jacobs Institute's
Women's Health and Managed Care Symposia Series

(A supplement to Women's Health Issues)

The Jacobs Institute of Womens Health is pleased to announce the publication of a special supplement to Womens Health Issues containing Insights, a compilation of eight briefing papers designed to engage the reader in a discussion of womens health and managed care. Whether youve read one of these reports or all eight, you know they are a valuable source of information for anyone covering the evolving health care marketplace.

Now, for the first time, you can receive all eight reports in the Insights series as a single publication. Compiled by author, Julianna S. Gonen, PhD, they formed the basis for the Jacobs Institutes landmark symposium series on womens health and managed care. Topics include primary care, unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, mental health, Medicaid managed care, chronic conditions, and quality measurement in womens health.

Copies of Insights are $25 each. Please use the order form to purchase this invaluable publication.