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October 1, 1998, Washington, DC -- The Jacobs Institute of Womens Health announces the release of its newest publication, State Profiles on Womens Health. It contains important information on women's health in each of the fifty states, plus the District of Columbia. There are four pages per state, with information on each state presented in a standard chart form, allowing comparisons to be made with national data on indicators such as demographics, health status, insurance coverage, risk factors for illness, and health policy issues of particular relevance to women's health.

State Profiles on Womens Health is a ground-breaking publication that offers concise and consistent statistical information on major health issues for American women. "Health care policy increasingly is made at the state level, and we find tremendous variations among the states on nearly every indicator. State Profiles on Womens Health will help identify priorities in each state and can serve as a benchmark for measuring changes in womens health status from the growth of managed care, welfare reform, and the like," said Martha Romans, Executive Director of the Jacobs Institute.

State Profiles on Womens Health is available only from the Jacobs Institute. Copies may be purchased for $30.00, plus $3.50 for shipping and handling, by calling 202-863-4990. The Jacobs Institute of Womens Health is an independent, nonprofit, membership organization that studies and disseminates information to advance the knowledge, practice and understanding of womens health. State Profiles on Womens Health was made possible through support from the Kaiser Family Foundation, Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, and Westat.

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