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1997 Leadership Award for Manuscript on
New Models of Primary Care for Women Named

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$1000 Prize Awarded for Innovative Program to
Train Women's Health Care Professionals

March, 1997, WASHINGTON, DC - Despite growing attention to women's health in medical school curricula, a survey of directors of Canadian family medicine residency programs showed that 90% felt their teaching of women's health issues was inadequate. To address the gaps in providers' knowledge about women's health issues, a multi- disciplinary postgraduate fellowship program for health care professionals was established by Women's College Hospital and the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A description of the program, "A New Model of Training Physicians and Health Care Professionals in Primary Women's Health Care: The Women's Health Scholar Program" by Claire Murphy, MD, CCFP, and Helen Batty, MD, CCFP, M Ed, FCFP, was chosen for the 1997 Jacobs Institute of Women's Health Leadership Award. The topic of this year's manuscript competition was "developing new models of primary women's health care."

The Women's Health Scholar Program provides a clinical fellowship or international sabbatical opportunity at Women's College Hospital in Toronto, Ontario to family physicians and specialists and to scholars from other health disciplines. The program promotes a broad definition of women's health, including disease prevention and health promotion, which is comprehensive, appropriate to the life cycle, and sensitive to the diversity of women health needs. Funding is derived from income for clinical services, university allocation of government health and education funding, and contributions from industry and philanthropic sources. Components of the program include clinical work, health education and promotional experience, academic study, seminar programs, research and selective time.

Dr. Claire Murphy is Co-director of the Women's Health Scholar Program and Co-medical coordinator of the Regional Women's Health Center in Toronto. She is a staff physician at the Family Practice Health Center, Women's College Hospital in Toronto. Co-author and founder of the program, Helen Batty is Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto.

The Leadership Award is an annual manuscript prize of $1,000 given annually. Deadline for 1998 is March 31, 1998. The topic for 1998 is "Health Care for Older Women: The Role of the Obstetrician-Gynecologist in Providing Health Care for Women Over Age 60." The Leadership Award is made possible by gifts to the Jacobs Institute Leadership Fund, chaired by Drs. Richard S. "Pete" Hollis and Harry S. Jonas. For more information about the 1998 award, or to make a contribution to the Leadership Fund, please contact the Jacobs Institute.

The Jacobs Institute of Women's Health is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge, practice, and understanding of women's health care at the intersection of the social and medical sciences. The 1997 prize manuscript will be published in the Jacobs Institute's bimonthly journal, Women's Health Issues later this year. To receive a copy of this issue or to become a member of the Jacobs Institute, please contact the Institute at (202) 863-4990 or E-mail .

Note: To arrange for an interview with one of the recipients, please contact Elizabeth Markle, MPH at or 202-863-4990.

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