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May 10, 2001 Washington, DC The Jacobs Institute of Womens Health presented its prestigious Excellence in Womens Health Awards to three diverse and outstanding leaders at a gala luncheon here today. The 2001 Excellence in Womens Health Award winners are:
  • Allan Rosenfield, MD, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Rosenfield is one of the worlds leading experts on womens reproductive health and a creator and champion of cutting edge programs to reduce maternal mortality throughout the world. Since 1986, Dr. Rosenfield has served as Dean of the Joseph L. Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University.Rosenfield-Pearse.jpg (18604 bytes)

Warren Pearse, MD & Allan Rosenfield, MD

  • Angela Diaz, MD, a practicing physician and activist who works tirelessly to provide health care to the most vulnerable and under-served adolescents in our society, including immigrants and minority and impoverished girls. Since 1989, Dr. Diaz has been Director of the Adolescent Health Center at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.Diaz-Klein.jpg (14176 bytes)

Luella Klein, MD & Angela Diaz, MD

  • The Nurses Health Study, which has uncovered numerous life style risk factors for diseases and led to the publication of 265 scientific papers on womens health issues. The study has shed light on the impact of birth control pills, estrogen replacement therapy, diet, calcium intake, alcohol consumption, and much more. The award was accepted by the Studys founder, Dr. Frank E. Speizer.Speizer-Merkatz.jpg (16032 bytes)

Ruth Merkatz, PhD (Event Chair) and Frank E. Speizer, MD

"The Jacobs Institute 2001 Excellence in Womens Health Award winners are the best and the brightest members of the medical community who are working to improve womens health," said Jacobs Institute Executive Director Martha Romans. "They are truly setting a new standard for advancing womens health."

The Jacobs Institute of Women's Health is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge, practice, and understanding of women's health by making America's health care system work better for women. For the next few years, the Jacobs Institute is placing an emphasis on managed care, heart disease and menopause cutting edge issues that affect women's health and lives. The awards were made possible by a generous gift from CIGNA HealthCare.

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