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June 6, 2001
Listening to Women's Voices:
Further Findings and Policy Implications from the Commonwealth Fund's Survey on Women's Health
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Click here to order a copy of Women's Health Issues Volume 11, Number 3, which contains new analysis of the data from the landmark survey on which this seminar was based

March 28, 2001
The Untold Story:  Women & Heart Disease
Co-sponsored by
Women's Policy, Inc.
The Congressional Women's Caucus

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Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald
Congresswoman Julia Carson
Sharonne Hayes, MD - Part One
Sharone Hayes, MD - Part Two

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January 23, 2001
Herbs, Blurbs - Naturally We're Confused! Straight Talk About Women and Dietary Supplements

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December 12, 2000
The Pleasure Principle: Women, Exercise, and Motivation

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