Women's Health Issues
Volume 10 Issue 5  Sept/Oct 2000


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Multidisciplinary women's health care and quality of care
Karen J. Carlson, 219 -- 225

Navigating conflict of interest in oocyte donation: an analysis of donors' experiences
Andrea L. Kalfoglou, Gail Geller, 226 -- 239

A competency based approach to comprehensive pregnancy care
Timothy R.B. Johnson, Mary Ann Zettelmaier, Patricia A. Warner,
Robert H. Hayashi, Michal Avni, Barbara Luke, 240 -- 247

Women's health centers: are the National Centers of Excellence in Women's Health a new model?
Carol S. Weisman, Gayle L. Squires, 248 -- 255

An intersection of women's and perinatal health: the role of chronic conditions
Dawn P. Misra, Holly Grason, Carol Weisman, 256 -- 267

Gender impacts on health insurance coverage: findings for unmarried full-time employees
Diane M. Dewar, 268 -- 277

The relationship between self-rated health and health care service use among women veterans in a primary care clinic
Hayden B. Bosworth, Marian I. Butterfield, Karen M. Stechuchak,
Lori A. Bastian, 278 -- 285

Psychosocial problems among women cohabiting with heavy snoring men
Jan Ulfberg, Birgitta Nystrom, 286 -- 286