Women's Health Issues
Volume 10 Issue 6, Nov/Dec 2000


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Primary prevention of violence against women
Ilene Hyman, Sepali Guruge, Donna E. Stewart, Farah Ahmad, 288 -- 293

Reexamining preventive health standards for women in a new century: successful screening strategies of one community-based health center
Beth Roberts Kotarski, 294 -- 299

Osteoporosis and African-American women
Cathy R. Kessenich, 300 -- 304

Preventive health services received by minority women aged 45-64 and the goals of healthy people 2000
Ruth C. Fretts, Gladys Rodman, Yvonne Gomez-Carrion, Roger Goldberg, Benjamin P. Sachs, Evan Myers, Bruce Kessel, 305 -- 311

Emergency contraception and the ethics of discussing it prior to the emergency
Bridgit S. Bell, Mary B. Mahowald, 312 -- 316

Delivery of primary care services among family planning centers: a response to managed care?
Virginia H. Poole, Carol S. Weisman, 317 -- 326

Time lost from work among women choosing medical or surgical abortions
Ellen R. Wiebe, Patricia Janssen, 327 -- 332

Military women's perspectives on health care during deployment
Nancy A. Ryan-Wenger, Nancy K. Lowe, 333 -- 343