Women's Health Issues
Volume 11 Issue 2, March/April 2001


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Brca1screening in a woman with breast cancer: a patient's perspective with commentary
John Robertson, Cynthia Levinson, Mary Mahowald, Ann Walker, 63 -- 72

Abortion in adolescence: a four-country comparison
Patricia Welsh, Maureen McCarthy, Barbara Cromer, 73 -- 79

Bringing emergency contraception to American women: the history and remaining challenges
Francine Coeytaux, Barbara, PhD Pillsbury, 80 -- 86

Improved use of contraceptives, attitudes toward pornography, and sexual harassment among female university students
Tanja Tydén, Sven-Eric Olsson, Elisabet Häggström-Nordin, 87 -- 94

Effects of SERMs on important indicators of cardiovascular health: lipoproteins, hemostatic factors, and endothelial function
David M. Herrington, Karen Potvin Klein, 95 -- 102

Cigarette smoking in veteran women: the impact of job strain
Lori A. Bastian, Susanna S. Owens, Hyonah Kim, Linda R. Barnett,
Ilene C. Siegler, 103 -- 109

Mammography-related anxiety: effect of preprocedural patient education
Martha B. Mainiero, Barbara Schepps, Nancy C. Clements, Chloe E. Bird, 110 -- 115

Partner violence: implications for health and community settings
Ruth Petersen, Julie Gazmararian, Kathryn Andersen Clark, 116 -- 125

Improving the accuracy of identifying lesbians for telephone surveys about health
Judith Bradford, Jocelyn White, Julie Honnold, Caitlin Ryan, Esther Rothblum, 126 -- 137

Planning a successful women's health and wellness conference in your community
Lana Molczyk, JoAnn Eickhoff-Shemek, Jayme Nekuda, Teri Erickson, Kathie Deja, 138 -- 142