Women's Health Issues
Volume 11 Issue 3, May/June 2001


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Women's voices, women's experiences-taking the time to listen
Marilyn Falik, Karen Scott Collins, 143 -- 147

Women's health issues across the lifespan
Roberta Wyn, Beatriz Solis, 148 -- 159

The influence of income, education, and work status on women's well being
Holly Mead, Kristine Witkowski, Barbara Gault, Heidi Hartmann, 160 -- 172

Motherhood, health status, and health care
Amy B. Bernstein, 173 -- 184

Caregiving: challenges and implications for women's health
Karen Donelan, Marilyn Falik, Catherine M. DesRoches, 185 -- 200

Managed care and women's health: access, preventive services, and satisfaction
Carol S. Weisman, Jillian T. Henderson, 201 -- 215

Midlife women making hormone therapy decisions
Aileen MacLaren, Nancy Fugate Woods, 216 -- 230

Psychological distress, unmet need, and barriers to mental health care for women
Cathy Donald Sherbourne, Megan Dwight-Johnson, Ruth Klap, 231 -- 243

Prevalence of violence and its implications for women's health
Stacey B. Plichta, Marilyn Falik, 244 -- 258