Women's Health Issues
Vol. 5, No. 4, Winter 1995

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  • Physicians Can Reduce the Incidence of Domestic Violence - Richard F. Jones, III
  • Family Violence: Practical Recommendations for Physicians and the Medical Community - Sarah M. Buel
  • Women's Experiences with Battering: A Conceptualization from Qualitative Research - Paige Hall Smith, Irene Tessaro, Jo Anne L. Earp
  • Project Safe: Domestic Violence Education for Practicing Physicians - Anne Flitcraft
  • WomanKind: An Innovative Model of Health Care Response to Domestic Abuse - Susan M. Hadley, Lynn M. Short, Nicole Lexin, Eric Zook
  • Domestic Violence and the Politics of a Statewide Community - Robin S. Hassler
  • Florida Physician and Nurse Education and Practice Related to Domestic Violence - Joyce L. Carbonell, Ronald A. Chez, Robin S. Hassler
  • Mandatory Reporting of Domestic Violence by Health Care Providers: A Misguided Approach - Ariella Hyman, Ronald A. Chez
  • The Influence of Abuse on Pregnancy Intention - Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Linda C. Pugh, Doris Campbell, Marie Visscher
  • The Primary Health Care Provider's Role in Sexual Assault Prevention - Melisa M. Holmes
  • Selected Abstracts of the 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of the North American Society for Psychosocial Obstetrics and Gynecology - various
  • An Update on The Jacobs Institute of Women's Health - Charles E. Gibbs