Women's Health Issues
Vol. 6, No. 4, July/August 1996

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  • Women's Health Care Issues for Medical Students: An Education Proposal, Diane M. Magrane, Kathleen McIntyre-Seltman, 183
  • Review of APGO Women's Health Curricula Proposal, Nita M.Lowey, 192
  • Primary Prevention of Osteoporosis: Pediatric Approach to Disease of the Elderly, Jasminka Z. Illich, Nancy E. Badenhop, Velimir Matkovic, 194
  • Prevalence of Domestic Violence Among Women Seeking Abortion Services, Gigi Evins, Nancy Chescheir, 204
  • Delivering Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Services to Underserved Women: Part II. Implications for Policy, Claudia J. Vellozzi, Martha Romans, Richard B. Rothenberg, 211
  • The Relationship Between College Females' Drinking and Their Sexual Behaviors, Maria Piombo, Melinda Piles, 221
  • Obstetic Fistulas in Africa and the Developing World: New Efforts to Solve an Age-Old Problem, L. Lewis Wall, 229
  • Prenatal Care: Will the Past Predict the Future? Mary D. Peoples-Sheps, 235
  • Are Asian/Pacific Islander American Women Represented in Women's Health Research? (Letter) Jenny Kisuk Yi, 237