Women's Health Issues
Vol. 6, No. 5, September/October 1996

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Current Events

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  • Compliance with Mammography Screening Guidelines: 1995 Mammography Attitudes and Usage Study Report, Jacqueline A. Horton, David F. Cruess, Martha C. Romans, 239
  • Impact of the National Cancer Institute Revised Mammography Screening Guidelines on Women 40-49, Emma Morton, Ellen Tambor, Barbara K Rimer, Irene Tessaro, David Farrell, Ilene C. Siegler, 246
  • Women's Health Centers and Managed Care, Carol S. Weisman, Barbara Curbow, Amal J. Khoury, 255
  • Births to Unmarried Mothers: Trends and Obstetric Outcomes, Saeid B. Amini, Patrick M. Catalano, Leon I. Mann, 264
  • Identification and Treatment of Exercise Resistance: A Syndrome Associated with Eating Disorders, Francie White, Frances Montell, 273
  • Preventive Health Practices and Perceived Health Status Among Women Over 50, Marcia J. Jane, Caroline A. Macera, Janet B. Croft, Pamela A. Meyer, 279


  • End-of-Life Decision Making, Virginia Sharpe, 286


  • End-of-Life Decision Making: Understanding the Goals of Care, ACOG Committee on Ethics, 287


  • Women's Health and End-of-Life Decision Making, Michael A. Grodin, 295
  • Understanding the Goals of Care in End-of-Life Decision Making: A Committee Opinion at the Bedside, Elena A. Gates, 302
  • Preventive Ethics and End-of-Life Decisions, Frank A. Chervenak, Laurence B. McCullough, 304


  • Cooperation Yields Best Results for Improved Reproductive Health Care, Amy E. Pollack, 307

Book Reviews

  • Managed Care & You: The Consumer Guide to Managing Your Health Care, Martha Snyder Taggart, 308
  • Medical Malpractice and the American July: Confronting the Myths about Jury Incompetence, Deep Pockets and Outrageous Damage Awards, Morton Lebow, 309