Women's Health Issues
Vol. 7, No. 2, March/April 1997

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  • Introduction to Proceedings of the Teaching to Promote Women's Health Conference, Helen P. Batty, Marilou McPhedran, Neger Mahdavian, 71


  • Integrating Feminist Theory and Women's Studies into the Women's Health Nursing Curriculum: Special Topics in Women's Health, Linda C. Andrist, 76
  • Teaching Trends and Issues in Women's Health Using a Feminist Perspective, Patricia E. B. Valentine, 84
  • Win Some, Lose Some: About Integration Projects of Women's Health Care, Leonore C. Nicolai, 88
  • Teaching Second-Year Medical Students About Wife Battering, W. E. Thurston, L. McLeod, 92
  • The Road to Freedom: Ending Violence Against Women, Marilyn Harris, Debra Anderson, Romana Madl, Jill Mannion, Heather McCosker, 99
  • Training in Reproductive Health and Sexuality: The Case of a Regional Program in Latin America, Silvia Ramos, Monica Gogna, 109
  • Teaching Nursing Students to Use Touch Therapies to Assist Healing, Milly Ching, 113
  • The Women's Health Specialty: Curriculum Implications, Lynne Hunt, 116
  • Building Therapeutic Staff: Client Relationships With Women Who Self-Harm, Karen Rea, Fran Aiken, Clancy Borastero, 121