Women's Health Issues
Vol. 7, No. 5, September/October 1997

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Executive Summary
Maureen P. Corry, Deanne Williams, Susan R. Stapleton, 279

The Challenges and Opportunities of Collaborative Practice, Phyllis C. Leppert, 285

New Views on Education for Maternity Care Providers, Charles S. Mahan, 289

Collaborative Practice and Health Plans, Kathryn Wilber, 293

Collaborative Practice, Regulation, and Market Forces: A Changing Health Care Agenda, Catherine Dower, Edward O'Neil, 298

Midwives' and Physicians' Experiences in Collaborative Practice: A Qualitative Study, Suellen Miller, 301

Conference Articles
Session One: The Challenges and Opportunities of Providing Maternity Care Through Collaborative Practice, 309

Session Two: Exploring Current Research Issues, 309

Session Three: Collaborative Practice in the Managed Care Environment, 314

Session Four: Academic and Contributing Education of Health Care Providers, 318

Session Five: Developing A Public Policy Agenda To Support Collaborative Practice, 329

Session Six: Challenging the Best Established Views of Maternity Care -- A Call To Action, 337

Four Models of Collaborative Practice, 343