Women's Health Issues
Volume 9 Issue 6,  Nov/Dec 1999


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Osteoporosis risk factors: association with use of hormone replacement therapy and with worry about osteoporosis
Barbara H. Osborn, Grace M. Couchman, Ilene C. Siegler, Lori A. Bastian, 278 -- 285

Estrogen replacement therapy among elderly women: results from the 1995 medicare current beneficiary survey
Usha Sambamoorthi, Stephen Crystal, Rizie Kumar, Jeff Harman, 286 -- 294

Annual and lifetime prevalence of partner abuse in a sample of female HMO enrollees
Alison Snow Jones, Andrea Carlson Gielen, Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Janet Schollenberger, Jacqueline A. Dienemann, Joan Kub, Patricia J. O'Campo, E. Clifford Wynne, 295 -- 305

Population-based strategy for improving informed decision making about hormone replacement therapy in managed care settings
Andrea Z. LaCroix, Katherine M. Newton, Diana S.M. Buist, Susan J. Curry, Delia Scholes, Lynda A. Anderson, Nora L. Keenan, 306 -- 318

Factors associated with hormone replacement therapy use in low-income urban women
Susan E. Appling, Jerilyn K. Allen, Michele Bellantoni, Rosemarie Brager, Jule Hallerdin, Sharon Olsen, Shirley VanZandt, Jean Gaines, Kendra L. Young, 319 -- 329

Alcohol: the link between hormone replacement and breast cancer risk
Susan A. Ballagh, 338 -- 342